In her first nationally-televised interview, Angelique, 20, breaks her silence about what authorities call a sinister plot that almost claimed her life — and that of her unborn baby. And, Katie, 22, admits she’s obsessed with being a mom and has resorted to drastic measures to get pregnant — without her husband’s consent.

This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.


In December 2010, Angelique, then 7 months pregnant, says she met Kassandra, 18 — and two months later, she discovered her new friend had been faking her pregnancy and allegedly planning to surgically remove Angelique’s baby and burn her body.

Angelique escaped and ten days later, gave birth to her son, Ryland, now 2.

Kassandra was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in a psychiatric hospital for attempted arson— but Angelique says the incident still traumatizes her. “I replay that night over and over in my head,” she says.

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Hear how Angelique says she learned of and narrowly escaped this alleged plot. “I feel very lucky to be alive."

Angelique opens up about red flags she says she ignored. “How do you ask a friend, ‘Are you trying to kill me?’”

Angelique says she’s frightened for her life, even today. And, Dr. Phil offers his advice.

Baby Fever!

Katie, 22, admits that she’s been obsessed with being a mom since she was a teenager, wants “as many kids as my hips and budget will allow” and confesses that she’s resorted to dirty tricks to become pregnant — without her husband, Jeff’s, knowledge. Katie says she’s pinned Jeff down, seduced him while sleeping and used contents from a condom and a syringe in an attempt to impregnate herself. She admits she was already telling Jeff she wanted another baby while still delivering their first.

Jeff says he's willing to compromise but is uncomfortable with the drastic measures he says Katie is taking to get pregnant again.

Dr. Phil tells Katie that “sometimes things can go from desire to obsession.”

Why does Katie say she wants so many children? And, does Dr. Phil believe it’s for the right reasons?

Katie lists the dirty tricks she says she's employed to try to get pregnant. “I didn’t say it was OK.”

How does Jeff feel about Katie’s “betrayals?”

Katie reveals that she was sexually abused by her father from the ages of 9 to 18. Katie’s dad is currently serving a 15-year jail sentence for the abuse.

Jeff says he believes Katie’s past is the reason why she wants so many children. “She wants to give them a better life than she had,” he says.

Dr. Phil offers Katie help to heal from her childhood.

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