For children, competition can be fun and healthy. But nowadays, the need to succeed has gotten so intense that some parents are taking drastic measures in an effort to make their child finish first.



"My Kids Have to Be #1" April, whose motto is, "Second place is the first loser," yells at her 13-year-old daughter Amanda from behind the dugout during softball games and argues with the coaches because she feels it helps. She has also chosen what her children's career goals will be — without asking them — with the hope that she is helping them to succeed. 

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Update: See how April is doing today.

Education vs. Image
Wanting the best for their 4-year-old son Max, Margaret and Rob hoped to enroll him in one of their city's elite preschools. After going through the application and interview process, they were surprised to be placed on the waiting lists of the top schools. "Trying to get my son into preschool is stressing me out," says Margaret. "I worry that it will take its toll on my son."


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Advice from a Champion Mom
Linda Armstrong Kelly, the mother of five-time Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong, knows a thing or two about helping a child set goals and succeed. She says the best thing a mom can do to help her child is simply give support.


Linda Armstrong Kelly on raising a champion.