Carol and Tab’s 20-year-old son, Alex, was killed by a hit-and-run driver. They believe that Alex’s death was no accident, and they accuse Rob, 24, of being responsible. Why wasn’t Rob tried on vehicular homicide charges?

The Victim's Family

Carol and Tab say they are seeking justice in their 20-year-old son, Alex's, tragic hit-and-run death. “I promised Alex that I would find out who did this,” Alex’s mother, Carol, says.

Alex's family says they have a mountain of evidence pointing the finger at Rob. They say they believe Rob had a disagreement with their son shortly before the accident, and that they have the voicemails to prove it. They also allege that Rob’s dark blue Nissan Xterra was used in the hit-and-run.

“There is no doubt in my mind that this was an intentional act,” Alex’s sister, Jana, says.

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Listen to the chilling 911 call alerting authorities to the accident. And, Alex’s family provides a timeline of what they believe happened that evening.

Hear the “menacing” voicemails left on Alex’s cell phone, which his family believes shows motivation that his death was not accidental. “When someone says they’re going to kill you, and you wind up dead two hours later, there’s definitely more to the story than getting hit by a vehicle.” Plus, why does Alex’s family believe Rob is behind their son’s death?

The Accused's Family

More than a year after Alex’s death, Rob was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide and manslaughter.

“We thought, finally, we were getting close to justice,” Alex’s father, Tab, says.

But the day before the case against Rob was to go to trial, the state's attorney dismissed the charges citing that key witnesses could not be located. Alex’s family alleges Rob’s family is hiding those witnesses.

“Rob got away with murder,” Jana says.

“I’m totally innocent of everything they are accusing me of,” Rob insists. He says he doesn’t know who left those messages on Alex’s voicemail and insists he didn’t know Alex but had “run into him” at some point. “I wouldn’t call it meeting somebody,” he says.

Rob says Alex’s family has vilified him in their community — making posters, t-shirts and Internet postings insisting that he was responsible for Alex’s death, despite the dropped charges. He says his family was forced to move across the country to avoid the “harassment.”

“They were trying to get away and hope it went away,” Jana says.

“Alex’s family doesn’t want to accept that the case is over, and Rob is innocent,” Rob’s mother, Linda, says.

Dr. Phil questions Rob’s family about potentially damning evidence coming from an alleged witness. “Alright, alright, listen. He did it, man. He did it. That’s it. He did … He hit him with the car.”

Dr. Phil asks Rob about messages he allegedly sent to Alex and about witness statements pointing the finger at him. Then, tensions run high on Dr. Phil’s stage as the two families face one another.

Has Rob’s family been hiding the two witnesses to the accident? “The only thing that makes him look guilty is you. You seem to be hiding this guy.”

Jana asks Rob to take a polygraph test, but Rob declines.

A New Look?

Crime scene reconstruction expert John Laughlin was hired by Alex's family and simulates what he believes happened the evening Alex was struck by a car. And, he reveals why he believes Alex was beaten first, before he was hit by a vehicle.

Ending Comments:

To Rob’s family, Dr. Phil says:
“There is a point at which a non-credible denial is more damaging to your position than a modified mea culpa. I think you have proven that point today, because you have taken a position of such non-credible denial. You simply can’t expect these people to deny the fact pattern in this record and say that they have no basis for being suspicious of your son’s involvement here.”

To the missing witnesses, Dr. Phil says:
“I invite you to come forward.”

Do you have any information on the hit-and-run death of Alex Tehee? Contact authorities at: 1-866-968-ALEX

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  • Do you have information on the death of Alex Teehee? Call the tip line at: 1-866-968-ALEX