Is your son a genius for his age or is he a late bloomer? Do you worry that your daughter isn't growing at the same rate, physically or mentally, as other children? Dr. Phil explains what to do if your child doesn't seem to measure up on the developmental curve.

To Push or Not to Push
Tami and Keith believe their 7-year-old son Dillon is gifted. Should they push him so he doesn't miss his potential, or should they let him develop on his own?


Dr. Phil suggests what to do. 


Comparing Twins
Trina can't help but compare her 3-year-old twins, who are developing at different paces. Is there something Trina can do to help Sara catch up to her twin sister Kate?


See what Dr. Phil recommends.


The Growth Charts
Two mothers are worried about where their daughters are on the percentiles chart that measures growth.



Dr. Harvey Karp explains when to be concerned. 


Hyperactive Baby?
Kathleen's 15-month-old son has more energy than other children his age, likes to bite, and has been caught literally swinging from the chandelier!

Is this normal development?

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