Karrieann says her 14-year-old daughter has been fixated on having a baby since she was in the sixth grade and has already been with 10 partners in an effort to get pregnant. The teen admits that she’s actively trying to get pregnant.

Desperate for a Baby at 14

Karrieann says her 14-year-old daughter has been obsessed with having a baby since she was in the sixth grade and recently started a rumor that she was pregnant — a lie that created so much controversy, she had to change schools. “Her life has spiraled out of control,” Karieann says. “I have lost all control of my daughter.” She says the teen skips school, runs away, and she worries her daughter will end up in the arms of a man who will take advantage her. “When she runs away, I feel scared because I may not find my baby coming home. She may be found in a ditch somewhere.”

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The teen admits that she’s actively trying to get pregnant and has already been with 10 partners. “If I want to have sex, I’m going to have sex. There is nothing that [my mom] can do about it. There is no way that she can stop me,” the teen says. She adds that at 14, she feels mature enough to make her own choices and thinks her life would be better if she had a baby. “If I had a baby, it would make me feel loved, and I would give the baby the attention that my mom never gave to me,” she says.

“The only thing that she wants to be is pregnant,” Karieann says.

“My mom really doesn’t know best,” the teen says. “I don’t need a husband. I don’t need a boyfriend. I just want a baby.”

Does Karieann have insight into why her daughter is acting out?

Karieann admits to some toxic behavior.

Dr. Phil tells Karieann what he believes is driving her daughter's desire to conceive. “For her, currency is her sexuality. That’s what she believes she has to offer; that’s her power.”

Karieann’s daughter joins Dr. Phil onstage. “Your theory is that you just need somebody to get you pregnant?”

Dr. Phil suggests to the teen that instead of complicating her life with being a young single mom, that she try to fix the relationship with her mom.

“I actually agree with you,” she tells him.

“Your mother doesn’t have all the answers,” Dr. Phil tells her. “She doesn’t always say the right thing. But she is so dedicated that she fought to get on the show for you. That meant a lot to me that she would do that much for you. This woman is dedicated and devoted to you being happy in your life.

“I don’t like you feeling like you don’t belong. I don’t like you not feeling good about who you are. I don’t like you coming up with a fix that won’t work,” Dr. Phil tells her.

Dr. Phil offers both mother and daughter specialized resources in their hometown to work on their relationship.

He asks the teen to promise him that she will not get pregnant.

“I pinky swear,” she tells him.

Her Mother's Daughter

Lauren, 36, says she’s afraid her 18-year-old daughter, Kayla, will follow in her footsteps and become a teen mom.

Kayla says her mom has nothing to worry about, but she does say she harbors resentment from the way she was treated by her mother. “When I was 2, my mom abandoned me and sent me to live with my grandmother,” Kayla says.

“I didn’t abandon her. I sent her away so I could get a break,” Lauren says.

At 12, Kayla says she got in a fight with her grandmother and moved back in with her mom.

“When Kayla was 15, we started butting heads,” Lauren says. She adds that she’s found wine bottles in Kayla’s room, and discovered that she was having sex with her boyfriend.

Kayla says that she’s 18 years old and she can do whatever she wants.

“I don’t want Kayla to get pregnant at a young age like I did. I want better things for her," Lauren says.

Did Kayla have a pregnancy scare? And, does Lauren admit to abandoning Kayla as a child? Plus, Dr. Phil gets real.

Kayla says that she and her mom were once in a fight so intense, the police were called. And, what does Kayla say her relationship with her mom is lacking?

Lauren says she knows she’s made mistakes and wants a relationship with Kayla.

“You are going to have to stop making excuses, and start putting verbs in your sentences,” Dr. Phil tells Lauren. “You are a right-fighting excuse machine. Seize the day and make something out of this.”

Dr. Phil tells Kayla to not get pregnant, and make the most out of her life.

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