Two moms say their 13-year-old daughters are completely out of control and turn to Dr. Phil for help. Can they learn to rein in their troubled teens? And, what’s at the source of the girls’ violent outbursts? This program contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

“She Would Fight a Buzz Saw”

Rita says her 13-year-old daughter, Lexi, has been exhibiting behavioral problems since she was 10 and learned she was adopted by her stepfather. Since that day, Rita says Lexi has been angry and abusive and has no respect for authority or property. She says her daughter smokes cigarettes, punches and writes on her bedroom walls, has been sent to the principal’s office more than 50 times and takes out her frustrations with violence. Rita says Lexi was suspended five days in the 6th grade for fighting, and twice this year already. “I think the girl maybe just looked at her the wrong way,” she says of one altercation. Rita reveals that Lexi has created a list of girls she wants to fight, and she's scared the teen might end up in jail. “Lexi is very proud of her fights,” she says.

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Lexi admits that she’s angry but says her chaotic home life is to blame. She says she oftentimes feels so frustrated she cuts herself and writes on the walls what she can’t say out loud to her mother. “I don’t know what else to do,” she says.

Rita admits that she yells and uses foul language when speaking to Lexi and has acted out aggressively at Lexi’s school.

“That’s getting down off the parent perch,” Dr. Phil warns Rita. “I need you to acknowledge that you are behaving in an inappropriate, immature manner,” he continues.

Dr. Phil questions Lexi about her fights. “Everyone has a to-do list. You had a to-do of people whose * you needed to kick.” And, is Rita setting a bad example?

Lexi confesses some of her “vices” to Dr. Phil. “I grew up way too fast.”

"Walking on Eggshells"

Jennifer says she's struggling to control her defiant, destructive and violent 13-year-old daughter, who has seven detentions, 20 absences and a suspension on her record. Jennifer says her teen is the size of an adult and has physically blocked her from entering rooms. “The moment that she wakes up, you can feel the mood of the house change,” Jennifer says. “My family and I are walking on eggshells all of the time … I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown.”

Jennifer records home video showing her 13-year-old’s defiant behavior.

Who Is To Blame?

Dr. Phil digs into Jennifer’s past. “Do you think that affects this child?”

Dr. Phil drills down with Rita. “It’s what you’re doing. She is a victim of what is going on at the parent level."

“I think you’re in over your head,” Dr. Phil tells Rita and Jennifer. “I think both of you need a break from these girls, and these girls need a break from you.” He offers to send both teens to separate therapeutic schools tailored toward their individual needs, and both moms accept the help.


Dr. Phil offers the girls an opportunity for treatment, and Lexi explodes violently.

Jennifer asks that she and her daughter return home following the taping. Days later, at Jennifer's request, transporters visit her home and assist the teen to her respective treatment facility.