Nineteen-year-old Victoria says she can’t stop obsessing over her ex-boyfriend, Nathan, whom she dated for 18 months. What’s behind her infatuation? Can Dr. Phil help her move forward, instead of lingering in her past? And, how does Nathan feel about Victoria's obsession? Has he truly moved on, or is he sending Victoria mixed signals?

Victoria's Obsession

Victoria admits that since Nathan broke up with her two months ago, she’s been calling him at least 100 times a day, sending him as many as 1,000 daily text messages and has even stood outside his home, in the freezing cold, waiting for him. “I am obsessed with getting Nathan back,” she says. “I can’t live without him.” She says she doesn’t eat, rarely showers and is constantly checking her phone, hoping to hear from Nathan.

Victoria says she wants to get over her ex, but she can’t stop thinking about him. Since the breakup, she says she and Nathan have occasionally had sex, and admits that about one week ago, she told him she was pregnant, in an attempt to win him back. “I wish I was pregnant with Nathan’s child right now,” she says.

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Victoria describes her relationship with Nathan and how her obsession is destroying her life.

Victoria explains how she says Nathan is sending her mixed signals.

Dr. Phil delves into Victoria’s past to find out what’s really driving her obsession. 

Dr. Phil offers Victoria advice on how to empower herself, from his best-selling book, Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World.

Victoria faces Nathan, who is now dating someone new. Is he really ready to let go of Victoria? 

“The only person you need to control to get happy, healthy and whole is you.”

Victoria’s stepmother, Margo, joins the show from the audience and shares her support for Victoria. “I want to help you grow into the beautiful woman that you are and that you can become,” she tells her stepdaughter.

Dr. Phil offers to help Victoria learn how to deal with her abandonment issues, and she graciously accepts.

Advice for Getting over a Breakup

Dr. Phil says that after a breakup, it’s normal to go through a grieving process and experience feelings of sadness, loss and anger. “But if you feel yourself falling into despair, or you can’t function, it may be time to speak out and ask for help,” he adds. “Don’t be afraid to depend on others when you need it.”