Dr. Phil talks to Sherrie Daly, former wife of pro golfer John Daly, and Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, ex-wife of NBA star Dwyane Wade. Why do the women say they’ve been wrongly portrayed in the media? And, why do they believe they lost custody of their children?

Sherrie Daly

Sherrie says she met professional golfer John Daly in 2001, and 42 days later, they were married. She says their relationship was “either heaven or hell,” and that John’s heavy drinking and infidelity contributed to the demise of their relationship in 2010. “When John would start partying, he would leave for two to three days at a time,” she says. “He would turn his cell phone off, and I couldn’t get in touch with him.” She says when John got drunk, he would destroy the house by breaking pictures and knocking over furniture, among other things. “It was an emotional roller coaster living with him.”

Sherrie claims that six months into their marriage, John began cheating on her. “The marriage finally ended when I found out that John was traveling on his bus with another woman,” she says, adding that a bitter custody battle ensued over their 9-year-old son, Little John, whom she says she hasn’t seen in nearly three months. “I don’t have the money John has. I don’t have the power that John has,” she says. “My visitation is based around his tour schedule.”

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Why, despite John’s alleged bad behavior, does Sherrie believe she lost custody of their son?

Sherrie says that in 2007, John accused her of stabbing him with a knife and scratching his face during a fight. How does she describe what happened?

Sherrie discusses her criminal past. Why was she jailed for contempt of court? And, how does she explain her text messages that have been described as harassment?

Does Sherrie have any regrets? Plus, she describes the three types of women that she says hang out on the PGA Tour.

Sherrie says she’s a hands-on mom and feels she would be the better parent because when she has visitation with her son, she provides a stable home, makes him anything he wants to eat and never leaves him with a babysitter, among other reasons. She says her son cries whenever he has to leave her house and that his current living situation has him staying on a tour bus 90-percent of the time. “He loves John,” she adds.

“I want you to help us be co-parents,” she pleads with Dr. Phil. “I would like us to be more peaceful and understanding. I would like Little John to know the truth, that I didn’t stab his dad.” She says it's been difficult for her to find a job and move forward with her life because she's not a beloved celebrity, like her ex. “I’m not John Daly,” she says. “No one loves me like they do him.”

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade

High school sweethearts Siohvaughn and Dwyane Wade married one year before Dwyane was drafted into the NBA in 2003. As Dwyane’s career with the Miami Heat took off, she says their marriage unraveled, and the couple’s domestic disputes played out in the headlines. In August 2007, the couple separated and a bitter custody battle ensued over their two sons, now 11 and 5. Dwyane was eventually awarded primary residential custody, while Siohvaughn was granted two visits a month.

Siohvaughn says she has been unfairly labeled as “crazy” and “violent” in the media, and she wants to tell her side of the story.

Why does Siohvaughn believe her ex-husband was granted custody of their sons? And, how does she explain her negative reputation?

Siohvaughn reacts to an accusation by Dwyane that she attempted to kidnap their sons in 2012. And, she shares what she feels the public needs to know about her situation.

Dr. Phil tells Siohvaughn that bashing her ex will not gain her increased access to her sons or enhance her role as a parent. “You’ve got to change what you’re doing if you want to get back into the position that you need to be in with your children’s lives,” he tells her. “I want you to have a bigger role in your children’s lives.”

“I do too, Dr. Phil,” Siohvaughn responds. “I’m doing everything that I can to have that role.”