Danuta and John say they have been to court more than 200 times during the past 20 years, and things now are as heated as ever.

She claims John sexually abused their son and daughter and accuses him of domestic violence.She says she won't give up on proving this until the system sides with her. She claims she's been victimized and even though she got sole custody of the children, she's been denying John the right to see the children for years. Their daughter, Monica, is now 20 and says she hates her father so much for what he did to her that she got a restraining order against him. But John says Monica didn't always feel that way. He claims Danuta brainwashed both their children to believe he did the unthinkable. He denies all allegations of abuse and wrote to Dr. Phil for help to clear his name. Danuta also wrote to Dr. Phil saying it's time, once and for all, for John to admit what he has done. John agrees to take a polygraph exam. What will the results reveal?

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