It's not easy combining two families into one. Dr. Phil speaks with couples who aren't faring well in their new stepfamilies and are already considering divorce.


Married for only four months, Kit and Tracy are constantly fighting. They admit that 90 percent of their arguments boil down to a "My kids vs. your kids" conflict. It's gotten so bad that they often don't speak at the dinner table.


Married for six months, Deana and Charlie each brought a child into the marriage. Charlie's son says that stepmothers are "evil." Deana feels so alone that she is tempted to ask her husband to choose between his son and her.



When Robyn married Brandon, she became a stepmother to two of his children and quickly became pregnant. Now, she provides daycare to all three children, feels she doesn't have a life and is already thinking about divorce.



Achieving harmony in your blended family.