Dr. Phil gives his guests a crash course in self-esteem, teaching them how changing their internal dialogue can make a huge difference in their lives.


An Insecure Twin
Jamie (right) says she has zero confidence in social situations and wishes she could be more like her twin sister Janna, who has "all the confidence in the world."

View the advice Dr. Phil gives Jamie. 

New Body, Old Self-Image
Despite getting in shape, Chris, who used to weigh more than 500 pounds, doesn't have enough confidence to approach women and ask them out. 

Can Dr. Phil help Chris get a date?

Performance Anxiety
Although Jennifer is a classically trained pianist, she hasn't had the courage to perform — not even in front of close friends or family — for 14 years.

Can Dr. Phil help Jennifer overcome her fear?

See how Jennifer is doing today.

Extra Content

Is negative internal dialogue getting in the way of your self confidence?