Monday December 31, 2007


Faking It?

Secrets, aliases, disguises. These are some of the tactics Dr. Phil's guests have used to manipulate people and get what they want. See what happens when these liars and cons are confronted.



Benevolent Con Man?

Fred Brito is an ex-felon who spent years fabricating identities and falsifying resumes to obtain high-level jobs. He says he's faked being everything from a symphony conductor to a psychiatrist! Fred even posed as a priest and married couples in the Catholic church.


"I did some things that very few people are able to do."



Confronting the Con Man

Maria and Gene were married by "Father Fred" five years ago, and when they found out his true identity, they were devastated. The angry bride and groom face off with Fred.



Will Fred admit his wrongdoing?



Lying to be Loved

Linda says she had friends believing she was dying and needed a kidney transplant to save her life. She even lost 50 pounds and wore a dialysis tube to make her made-up illness seem more convincing.


Is she serious about getting help, or is this just another ruse?  

Tuesday January 1, 2008


Mama Drama

Hating your own mother is hard to imagine, but today's guests say they want nothing to do with the women who gave them life. Can these mother/daughter feuds finally be resolved?



Pushy Stage Mom?

Megan, 19, says her mother, Tracy, pushed her to be a singer but is now trying to sabotage her success because she's not in charge of it anymore. Tracy says Megan's recording contract at 14 was the worst thing that could've happened.


"I'm just trying to stop this train wreck."



Back to Basics

Tracy blames the changes in her daughter on the person who stepped in as Megan's chaperone. But is Tracy just jealous? Dr. Phil explains how they can put up boundaries and just go back to being mother and daughter.


"All she's ever done is hurt me."



Last Chapter Un-Written?

Carrie wrote a book about her mother, Sarah's, real life near-death experience at the hands of a serial killer, but her mother won't let her publish it. Now they are fighting over who owns the rights to this compelling page-turner.


Will this mother and daughter reconcile in the final chapter of their family saga?

Wednesday January 2, 2008


No Kidding New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year when people take a long, hard look at their lives to see what's not working. Dr. Phil's guests say they desperately need to change their unhealthy lifestyles or they might not make it to another year.


Life in the Fast (Food) Lane

Jill weighs 375 pounds and says she's afraid she'll die if she doesn't drop 210 pounds. Her friend, Cathi, says Jill needs to stop making daily trips to McDonald's.


Can Jill put down the Big Mac and pick up healthier eating habits?



Addicted to Nicotine

Pam vows to quit smoking in 2008. She claims her husband, Eric is one of the reasons she can't kick her 22-year addiction, because she can't resist the urge to light up when he does.


Will Pam continue to puff her life away?




Seething Sister

Nyasha and Simone claim their sister, Victoria, has anger issues, and they're giving her an ultimatum: Get your act together or get gone! They say she constantly curses, steals from relatives and starts fist fights in front of her kids.


What's behind Victoria's bad behavior?

Thursday January 3, 2008


Shocking Trends of the New Year

Parents, listen up! It's a new year, and the risky behavior of teenagers is ever-evolving into dangerous new trends propagated on the Internet. Is your teen involved in an activity that would shock you?



Mattress Surfing

Cody, Connor, Grayson and Garrett are teen friends who learned of mattress surfing online. Now, they film their own daredevil stunts on a mattress being pulled behind a truck at top speed.  


What do their parents think? 



Unforeseen Tragedy 

Joey and his brother, Frank, were on their third day of mattress surfing when tragedy struck. Joey and his father, Keith, have a stern warning for the four teens.



"Before Joe could stop, he ran over Frank." 




Many people feel this practice is inhumane when it's done to animals " but now some teens are putting their health at risk to do it to each other. Tony, Matt and their friends were bored one day, so they decided to brand each other.  


"I would never do this again." 




Kaytee, 16, is a diabetic who skips her insulin doses in order to lose weight. Although she risks organ failure, blindness and even death, Kaytee says it's worth it. Her mother, Michelle, is frustrated that she can't fix her daughter.


Plus, meet a woman who's been committing this slow suicide for 15 years.