When Gabriel last appeared on Dr. Phil, he said he was at his wits’ end with his “intrusive and crazy” mom, Linda. Find out how they are doing now! And, Audrey says that she can’t stand her daughter, Nicole’s, fiancé, and she wants their summer wedding called off. Are her concerns justified? Plus, get an update on out-of-shape husbands Troy and Dave. Have they changed their lifestyles for the better?

Guest Follow-Ups!

When Gabriel last appeared on Dr. Phil, he said he was frustrated with his mom, Linda, whom he called intrusive, crazy and meddling.

Linda admitted that she may have crossed some boundaries but said she was only trying to bring her family closer together.

Six months later, mother and son are still at odds. “I thought she was going to change, but it’s gotten worse,” Gabriel says.

Linda says she’s been working on her issues but says she feels separated from her family.

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Must-See: Linda says she invited Gabriel to see a movie as a way of bonding — The Guilt Trip.

What caused Linda to call the cops on Gabriel? Home video captures it all.

Why does Gabriel say that he can’t attend the therapy Dr. Phil set up? And, what does he want for his family?

Dr. Phil asks Gabriel to try therapy for 90 days, and he agrees.

Health-Challenged Husbands Update

When Troy and Dave first appeared on the show, their wives expressed concern about their poor health conditions. Dr. Phil enlisted the help of Dr. Jeffry Life, author of Mastering the Life Plan, to whip the men back into shape over a six month period. “I had to get Troy to quit smoking," Dr. Life says. "I had to get them both to eat right and get them into the gym, off the couch.” He says the men worked with a personal trainer at 6:15 a.m. every Monday through Friday.

See Troy and Dave’s transformations!

In-Law Wars

Audrey says her daughter, Nicole's, fiancé, AJ, is a loser who is immature, selfish and verbally abusive, and she wants their July wedding called off. She admits that she makes her opinions known and even confesses she calls AJ mean names, but she accuses AJ of calling Nicole even more vile names. “I don’t want Nicole to feel like she is getting shortchanged, but with AJ, that is what she is getting,” she says.

AJ admits that he's not perfect but says Audrey should not have control over whom Nicole marries.

“My mom absolutely hates my fiancé, AJ,” Nicole says. “It’s my mom’s way or the highway.”

Nicole says that she plans to marry AJ in July — but is it for the wrong reasons? And, AJ accuses Audrey of physically abusing him. Is there any truth to his claims?

Nicole hints at major problems in her relationship with AJ.

Dr. Phil reads a second letter that Nicole wrote the Dr. Phil show: “He makes me feel worthless.” And, Dr. Phil gives his insight on marriage.


Dr. Phil offers AJ and Nicole premarital counseling, and the couple accepts.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself before You Get Married

1. Why are you getting married? What are the pros and cons behind your engagement? Make sure you aren’t getting married to escape or avoid something. If you get nauseous shopping for a dress or meeting with the caterer — listen to your body.

2. Do you trust your partner’s personal history? How has your partner behaved in past relationships? How has he or she behaved with you? What has your partner learned about marriage from his/her parents? Children learn what they live.

3. Have you planned your marriage … or just the wedding? Your wedding is a day; a marriage is a lifetime. Develop an emotional prenuptial agreement with your partner, outlining how you’ll handle children, discipline, sex, money, division of labor, religion, careers, retirement, in-laws, geography, etc. Discuss these topics to successfully merge your two lives together.

4. Are you investing more than you can afford to lose? If you have to give up your friends, career or family, the cost is too high. If it all falls apart, are you going to be emotionally bankrupt? If it better to be healthy alone than sick with someone else.

5. Have you shared your needs and expectations? You can’t determine if somebody is good for you if you don’t know your own needs. Express your needs and expectations now and not when you’re already in the marriage. What are your absolute deal breakers? Do you know your partner’s?

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