If you were a dog, would you be a "Fifi" or a "Fido?" Millions of you have been answering questions like this online while taking personality tests. Now, take some of Dr. Phil's own personality tests and learn what they say about you!



"The Porcupine"
When Michelle's husband Ken tries to hug or kiss her, she feels "prickly and stiff" and can't calm down to receive affection. Ken says she also has rage that comes out in different ways, and he never knows what to expect when he walks in the door.  

Dr. Phil helps Michelle discover where her anger comes from and how she can change.


Test: Do you have a porcupine personality?  

"Chicken Little"
Stacy is a worrier who sees everything as a worst-case scenario. As a first-time mom, she only sleeps 45 minutes at a time because she has to check on her daughter to see if she is still breathing.


Why is she waiting for a "lightning bolt of doom?"

Test: Are you a Chicken Little?  

"The Poser"
Mindy admits she's superficial and shallow. She uses people to get what she wants: prestige, clothes, jewelry, you name it. She is losing friends because she puts them off for more important people and says she is ready to "get real."

See what Dr. Phil advises Mindy to do.

Test:  Are you a poser?

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