Today’s show is filled with 911 calls, stun gun takedowns, rubber bullets, stabbings and people pointing fingers at each other. If you've survived a traumatic experience, don't miss Dr. Phil's tips for moving past a moment of crisis.

Stabbed by His Ex

"My ex-girlfriend, Amanda, got away with trying to kill me by stabbing me twice with a large knife," says Vincent. "The evening of the incident, we had been drinking for a few hours, and she takes a prescription anxiety pill."

Vincent says when he and Amanda returned to his house, Amanda was passed out, and he put her in bed. "Twenty minutes later, Amanda came back out of the bedroom. Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head. She then staggered toward the kitchen. That’s when she went face first into my wine rack. Glasses fell on the floor, and they broke," he recalls. "I helped her up. She was still incoherent. She said, ‘I’m going to go get your gun, and I’m going to kill myself.’ I jumped up, and I chased after her." He says Amanda was reaching for his gun, and he had to pull her out of the bedroom. "I said, ‘You have to leave.’ She stormed off into the kitchen," he explains.

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Vincent says he couldn’t see what Amanda was doing in the kitchen, but he heard silverware clanging. “She came around the corner really fast, and she put the knife up in the air. She jumped on me, and then she started flinging it around over my shoulder. That’s when she stabbed me in the back, and she stabbed me right in the leg," he recalls. "She was lying on the ground with her hands over her head, saying, ‘Kill me. I want to die.’ I said, ‘Put your clothes on. Get the * out.’"

Amanda remembers the night of the incident differently. She says she and Vincent got into a fight after a long night of drinking at bars. "He physically attacked me in the bedroom, at which point, he pulled his gun out on me and threatened my life,” she recalls, in a news interview. “I did everything I could to escape him. He wasn’t going to let me go.” She adds that Vincent chased her through the house, and she grabbed a knife. “Once I did have the knife in my hand, I told him to stay away from me.”

Vincent says he called 911, and Amanda was arrested and taken to jail, and he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. After a month behind bars, Amanda was released on bond.

"At her stand your ground trial, Amanda claimed that she stabbed me in self-defense, which is a total lie," Vincent says. "Once I heard the ruling that she was exonerated, and she was free to go, I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I was sick to my stomach ... I feel like the justice system totally failed me. Amanda is a liar. She deserves to be behind bars."

Dr. Phil wonders whether Vincent has any ownership for the events that occurred. And, he questions Vincent about restraining orders in his past.

Amanda's attorney, Janese Caruthers, appears on her behalf.

"Vincent is a stalker, a manipulator and an abuser of women," Janese claims. She recounts her version of what happened during Amanda's trial. "We had the burden to prove that Amanda was acting in self-defense. It was very clear that Amanda stabbed Vinnie — what we focused on was why, and the reason that she attacked Vinnie was because he held her at gunpoint," she explains. "The judge ruled that he did not believe a single word Vinnie said, and he absolutely believed Amanda. The next step is definitely to go after the Sherriff’s department to try and recover Amanda’s damages but also, to go after Vinnie. I hope he gets what’s coming to him."

Why does Janese say Amanda is a no-show to the taping?

Dr. Phil addresses Vincent. “I think there were a lot of drugs and a lot of alcohol involved in this situation. I think there is a history here. And, I really worry that you’re going to wind up in a situation that goes really badly for you,” he says. “I hope you do something about your drinking.”

Janese says that she is suing Vincent and the detectives who did the investigation.

Attacked and Shot with a Stun Gun?

Identical twin sisters and ex-cops Teresa and Lisa, and former corrections officer Roni are the self-professed Lipstick Bounty Hunters. Wearing matching pink outfits and carrying pink handcuffs, the women go after and capture fugitives in California and post videos of their arrests on YouTube. They recently made headlines after Danny said he was assaulted and nearly blinded when they tried to take him into custody.

Danny details his version of the attack. "I can’t believe, in my wildest dreams, that three chicks would almost beat me to death in a parking lot."

Danny is now filing a lawsuit for what his attorney, Dan Gilleon, calls lawless behavior.

"Mr. Duvall and I are suing the so-called Lipstick Bounty Hunters for a substantial amount of money," says Dan. "My client had bruises all over his body from the rubber bullets. They broke his nose with the rubber bullets, and they blinded him with the rubber bullets. What these women did was not only reckless, it was malicious, and it was illegal. It was a total and complete abuse of force."

Dan shares what he believes to be the motive behind the Lipstick Bounty Hunters' behavior. "These women are certainly after a reality TV show, and they pulled this stunt for the purpose of getting that sort of interest," he says. "These women need to be held accountable."

“They’re trying to get an arrest. They’re trying to make it sensational.”

The Lipstick Bounty Hunters deny accusations that they plan to do a reality show. They were invited to appear on the show, and initially agreed, but then sent a statement instead.

UPDATE: According to news reports, The Lipstick Bounty Hunters plan to file their own counter claim against Danny, based on alleged acts of extortion, false accusations, slander and economic harm.

"Match Made in Hell"

Mary Kay was looking for true love when she joined, where she met Wade Ridley. Their relationship lasted for only eight days before she broke things off. She says he retaliated by brutally attacking her and leaving her for dead.

"He broke into my garage and waited for more than two hours for me to return home, with intent to kill."

Mary Kay’s attorney, Mark Saggese, has filed a $10 million lawsuit against on her behalf. "The advertising of lures you into testing the site by seeing who in your area is single and available. Nowhere in that is the perils in online dating," he says. "We’re not blaming Match for the conduct of Wade Ridley. What we’re blaming Match for is their failure to warn. They make emotionally vulnerable men and women believe that they’re safe diving headfirst into their website, accessing these profiles and going on dates. That is wrong. That is false, and it has to change."

"This is, essentially, a form of PTSD."