Courtney says her sister, Christie, is an unfit mother who should not have custody of her 7-year-old son, Quincey, until she cleans up her life. Christie admits she’s made mistakes but says her past shouldn’t define who she is as a mother. Who does Dr. Phil think should be caring for the boy? And, can these sisters unite for the best interests of the child?

Fall from Grace?

Courtney details her sister’s downward spiral from star athlete to single mom in trouble with the law.

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Courtney shares her thoughts on her sister's involvement with a celebrity sex tape scandal. “I was so proud of her, and now I’m embarrassed of her.”

Because of Christie’s most recent arrest, her son is in her parents’ care, but she insists she’s taking Quincey back next month.

Courtney says her nephew has told her heartbreaking stories about life with his mom.

Courtney explains why she thinks her nephew isn’t safe in his mother’s care.

Christie reveals something Courtney did behind her back that makes her question Courtney's motives.

Dr. Phil tells Courtney and Christie that it’s in everyone’s best interest to work out their differences through negotiation, rather than getting the courts involved. He warns Christie that her history of arrests and having other people care for Quincey are marks against her and make her vulnerable to losing him.

He points out that it’s been about 75 days since she’s seen her son.

Christie says she made an agreement with her parents to care for Quincey while she served probation for DUI in another state, and that she plans to take Quincey back as soon as he finishes out the school year.

Could Christie’s bad decisions come back to haunt her? “Did you perform in a homemade sex tape?”

Sibling Abuse?

Courtney and Christie admit that, growing up, they never got along. “Courtney bullied me as a kid,” Christie says. “I loved my sister, and I wanted to be like her. But I was the only one getting into trouble, and my mother treated us differently.” Christie says when she got in trouble, her mother would let Courtney pick her sister’s punishment.

“I loved my role in the family,” Courtney says. “I felt a sense of power. It was like I co-parented with my mom.”

“I felt like all she wanted to do was embarrass and humiliate me,” Christie says.

“I was her evil older sister,” Courtney admits. “I would always tell her that she was ugly, she was stupid, she would never be good like me. I was horrible to her. She would cry, and I didn’t care.”

Onstage, Courtney grows tearful and says, “I was very mean to her when I was little, and I’m so sorry. If I could take anything back, I would take it all back.” Courtney acknowledges that the way she treated her sister may have contributed to some of Christie’s mistakes, and she’s very sorry for that. “I will do anything in my power to help you.”

“You’re good,” Christie says sarcastically, laughing. "She's good," she tells Dr. Phil.

Courtney Reveals a Secret

In a previous interview, Courtney revealed to Dr. Phil producers, “A couple days ago, I found out that Christie’s pregnant again. She says that she’s going to put the baby up for adoption. I hope that she does. My family isn’t in the right position to adopt the baby right now. I’m worried that she won’t follow through and put the baby up for adoption.”

Onstage, a visibly upset Christie reacts. “I just want to say, yes, I am pregnant, and she was the only person I told. Why? I don’t know, because she promised she wouldn’t tell anybody, and now the world knows,” she says. “She’s good. She forms a way for me to try to trust her, and then she takes that, and there you go.”

Christie continues, growing tearful. “She is evil. The things she’s done to me, I would never have done to her,” she says.

Dr. Phil explains the elements in a home environment that put a child at risk. Will Christie's children be safe?

Christie has a question for Dr. Phil. And, is there any hope of repairing this sibling relationship?

Dr. Phil tells Courtney that her sister has a reason to be upset with her, but she also has reasons to be grateful for her. He tells Christie, “You’ve made some really bad decisions in your life, and there have been times when she has filled a gap and has been there for Quincey.”

“There is nobody else I would’ve wanted Quincey with. Nobody,” Christie says. “She is a good mom. And I knew he was safe, and that was important to me.”

“That’s very nice,” Courtney says. “I really appreciate that.”

Dr. Phil tells the sisters that it’s important for them to forgive one another. He offers Christie professional help to put together a parenting plan, so she can rise above her mistakes and be the mother Quincey needs. He says Quincey may also have been exposed to things that have made an impact on him, and she needs to know the warning signs to look for that mean he's been affected. He adds that a qualified professional can also help teach her how to talk to her son about her sex tape scandal and what he might experience as a result.

“Thank you,” she says, accepting his offer.