Monday May 6, 2019


“Did My Daughter Lie About Her Father Molesting Her?”

Jill and her ex-husband, Brent, claim their 14-year-old daughter, Kendall, smokes marijuana and has falsely accused family members of abuse.

Two years ago, Kendall accused her mother and sister, Lyndsey, of hitting her and her stepfather, Anthony, of threatening her. Six months later, Kendall also accused her father of physical abuse. Kendall now claims her father sexually abused her. Her family members adamantly deny all of her accusations. Jill and Anthony say they cannot keep Kendall at home because they fear she will make more false accusations against them -- so they allowed her to live in another apartment. Dr. Phil analyzes each allegation with the family. Is there any truth to what Kendall alleges?

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Tuesday May 7, 2019


14-Year-Old Kendall Confronts Her Family: Did the Abuse Happen?

Dr. Phil finally meets 14-year-old Kendall, as she confronts her family members.

Kendall accuses her mother, Jill, of hitting her and her stepfather, Anthony, of threatening her, which they deny. Kendall also claims her father, Brent, acted in a sexually inappropriate way toward her, which he adamantly denies and the rest of the family say they do not believe. Anthony and Jill fear their marriage is headed for divorce due to Kendall’s out-of-control behavior and alleged lies, while Brent says he fears his daughter is not getting the help and structure she needs to straighten out her life. After the taping, hear more from an emotional and angry Kendall as she comes to terms with what is next.

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Wednesday May 8, 2019


Color Me Badd: Addiction, Arrests and A Band Member Pushed On Stage

Dr. Phil talks with the lead singer of 90's R&B group Color Me Badd, Bryan Abrams, about his addictions to alcohol, pills and food. His wife, Kim, says their marriage has been a struggle and claims they have separated several times due to Bryan’s erratic behavior, addictions and physically abusive behavior. In July 2018, Bryan was arrested for pushing fellow band member Mark Calderon while on stage during a show in New York. The lifelong friends are planning for an upcoming show, yet they say they haven’t spoken in over seven months since Mark got a restraining order against Bryan. Kim and Mark say they fear for Bryan’s life and want to see change, but disagree about how to solve the problem. 

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Thursday May 9, 2019


“Our Father was Shot by a Sniper after Robbing a Bank and We Haven’t Spoken in 5 Years”

On January 10, 2006, Daria and Nikki's father was shot and killed by a police sniper when he attempted to rob a bank. Their mother, Barbara claims, his behavior was completely shocking despite admitting that she met her husband 30 years prior while he was serving time for kidnapping. Barbara says her husband’s death completely tore apart her family. Barbara says her daughters are now completely estranged and haven’t spoken in five years. When her husband was killed, Barbara says she was forced to become the sole provider and admits she often ignored her daughters. Nikki claims Daria would physically abuse her, while Daria claims Nikki once chased her with a knife. The daughters come face-to-face for the first time in five years. Can they mend their broken relationship?

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Friday May 10, 2019


“I Cannot Leave My House Because I Fear I Will Die”

Due to her extreme agoraphobia, Kirstie says she has only ventured outside her home further than her mailbox one time in the last 14 months, and that was via ambulance to the hospital. Kirstie says she is confined to her bedroom for 22 hours a day because she believes she will die if she leaves it for longer than just a few minutes. But that’s not all; Kirstie also says she needs someone to watch her 24/7 so she doesn’t die. Kirstie claims her mother’s parenting is the root cause of her debilitating anxiety. Find out what caused a serious “anxiety attack” when Kirstie allowed Dr. Phil cameras to document her daily life. Plus, see what happens when Kirstie confronts her mother for the first time about her claim that she may have caused Kristie’s agoraphobia.