Monday May 13, 2019


“M.I.A., Drunk and in Denial: Worst Grandmother of the Year?”

Nikki and Paige claim their mother, Leigh, is an alcoholic who has “gone missing” at least 40 times, abandoned them as teens in a foreclosed home without electricity or running water, and is drunk around her grandchildren.

But Leigh says she’s a “functioning drinker” and can turn off her drinking whenever she wants. Leigh is a bartender, and her daughters say if she’s not working, she’s there drinking. Nikki says she shouldn’t have to bring her children into a bar just to see their grandmother. Will Leigh listen to her daughters and take Dr. Phil’s help?


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Tuesday May 14, 2019


“My Family Thinks I’m Being Scammed – I Love ‘Louise.’ Help Me Bring Her Home From Berlin!”

Ralph says he is eager to meet his beautiful girlfriend, “Louise,” who has been stuck overseas in Berlin, Germany for over eight months. He says they met online but have yet to meet in person or speak over the phone.

Ralph says there was trouble in paradise when “Louise” didn’t make it on her flight to the United States, and has not been able to obtain proper documentation to be released for travel. Ralph says he has done everything he can possibly think of to help get “Louise” home and has spent over $150,000 doing so! Ralph’s son and daughter-in-law fear that “Louise” is not who she says and are convinced Ralph is being scammed. Will “Louise” ever make it back to the United States?

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Wednesday May 15, 2019


Finding "Louise": Love Scam or Real Love?

Dr. Phil continues his global investigation to help unite Ralph with his girlfriend, “Louise,” who has been stuck in Berlin, Germany for the past eight months. Ralph says he has no doubts about “Louise” -- but his family says otherwise.

Ralph’s son and daughter-in-law say they are 100% convinced that Ralph is caught in a love scam. Dr. Phil takes a deeper look at the German government letters that Ralph says “Louise” claimed to have received. What will Dr. Phil reveal about “Louise”? Will she ever make it back to the United States?

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Thursday May 16, 2019


Meddling Daughters or Drunk, Predator Dad in Denial?

Lying about jobs, being inappropriate with young women, and getting DUIs -- that’s how Brittany, Brandi and Brooklyn describe their father, Lance. They want him to change, but they say he doesn’t admit to having any problems.

Lance says his daughters have crossed the line -- he doesn’t drink as much as they think, and what he does with women is none of their business! What happens when these daughters confront their father?

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Friday May 17, 2019


Impostor Poses as Missing Boy: Where is the Real Timmothy Pitzen?

Timmothy Pitzen was just 6 years old when he disappeared in 2011. His mother, Amy, lied about a family emergency, took him out of school, and left. The two were spotted together at a zoo, a water park and a resort. But two days later, Amy checked into a hotel alone. She died by suicide, and the only clue she left behind was a note claiming Timmothy was safe and he would never be found.


Eight years after Timmothy mysteriously vanished into thin air, an impostor told police he was Timmothy, and he had escaped kidnappers. Police doubted his story ... but if this wasn’t him, where is the real Timmothy Pitzen? His father and Aunt speak out for the first time.


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