Monday June 3, 2019


Violent Love; A Boyfriend’s Confession of Abuse

Mindy says she is petrified that her daughter Jourdon’s boyfriend, Richard, is going to kill Jourdon due to his physical abuse. Mindy claims Richard admitted to stabbing and even attempting to drown Jourdon.

Richard admits he has physically abused Jourdon so badly that he needed to keep her hidden in a hotel room for two weeks until her injuries healed. But what is most shocking is that Richard admits he gets gratification from abusing Jourdon and claims she likes being abused. Richard blames Jourdon for triggering his abuse, and says when he sees her on the floor crying in the fetal position trying to protect herself, it only makes him want to hit her more.

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Tuesday June 4, 2019


Evicted and Homeless: "My Daughter is Not Capable of Being A Mother"

LiAnne admits she’s made some mistakes in her life, but says that was no reason for her mother, Debra, to “go behind her back and steal custody” of her children from her. Now, LiAnne says she’s doing everything in her power to show her mother that’s she changed, including closing her successful hair salon and moving into Debra's attic just to be closer to her children. But Debra says LiAnne hasn’t changed one bit. In fact, Debra claims LiAnne was evicted from all three of her hair salons and was even removed one time by the police, leaving her homeless. But that’s not all, Debra says LiAnne isn’t alone in her attic. Debra says LiAnne is living up there with her business partner, Shemelia, whom Debra accuses of destroying LiAnne’s life.

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Wednesday June 5, 2019


“My Cat-Hoarding Obsession is Ruining My Marriage”

Pamela wrote into the show saying she is obsessed with the 15 cats that currently live in her home, and she’s worried that her cat obsession might cause the end of her fourth marriage.

Pamela says she is consumed with anxiety about the welfare of her cats and rarely leaves her home for fear that something bad might happen to them, and she says she is terrified that one of her cats might die. In fact, Pamela, a recent breast cancer survivor, admits, “I’d rather have breast cancer again than lose another cat.” Her husband, Mitch, says their lives revolve around the cats’ needs and feeding schedules, and he and Pamela get into fights about it. Mitch says something needs to change.

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Thursday June 6, 2019


"I Am Not Mentally Ill But I am The Reincarnation of Pocahontas"

Ayanna says she is the reincarnation of Pocahontas.

She claims she even has memories from the 1600s. But reincarnation has its drawbacks, as she claims being Pocahontas has contributed to her being homeless, unemployed, and the black sheep of her family. Until today, she kept her reincarnation a secret from her parents, as she claims even though she’s “completely normal,” they already wanted to medicate her and turn her into a “zombie.” Ayanna’s parents, Robert and Robin, claim their daughter is violent and out of control. Robert claims she has attacked him on several occasions, even once while he was driving! They say they’re absolutely certain their daughter is mentally ill. Can Dr. Phil somehow get this family all on the same page? Find out!

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Friday June 7, 2019


From Top Model to Bottom of the Bottle

Amanda went from top model to bottom of the bottle, according to her sister Kari who emailed Dr. Phil desperately seeking to save her older sister’s life.

Amanda has lived around the world while gracing the covers of top fashion magazines, has had access to the trendiest clubs and dated major league baseball players, but she is now a severe alcoholic. Her mother, Michele, says Amanda has died twice and now lives with a pacemaker because of her drinking. She says she’s at her wits’ end with her daughter and doesn’t want to be around her anymore. Amanda lives with her father, Steve, who both Kari and Michele claim is an enabler who lives like a hoarder and treats Amanda like a little girl. Steve says if it wasn’t for him, Amanda would be homeless. Kari says she wants Dr. Phil to give both Amanda and her father a wake-up call before Amanda dies one last time.

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