Monday June 10, 2019


Lies, Betrayal and Custody: "It’s Been Two Years Since We’ve Seen Our Daughter"

Danielle and Nick insist they were great parents to their now 8-year-old daughter.

They claim it’s been nearly two years since Danielle’s sister, Kimberly, has “kidnapped” their daughter and not allowed them to visit her. Kimberly claims she had no choice but to obtain guardianship of her niece because she says Danielle and Nick are drug addicts and have a history of arrests. She also claims they both neglected the little girl while they disappeared to do drugs. Nick and Danielle admit they were drug addicts but say they’re clean now. They deny all of Kimberly’s accusations of neglect, and say coming to Dr. Phil is their chance to fight to bring their little girl home, despite currently living in a homeless shelter.

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Tuesday June 11, 2019


Jonas Brothers: Raw, Real, Reunited

The Jonas Brothers give their first interview since reuniting on Dr. Phil's Phil in The Blanks podcast. Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas tell all about how the band got back together and some of their latest projects, including an upcoming tour and documentary.

Then, Russell says his brilliant 20-year-old daughter, Sarah Joy, is destroying her life by walking away from a full-ride college scholarship, so she can chase what he calls a “silly daydream” of becoming a professional dancer. But Sarah says she’s a 100% self-made natural talent who will become the next Beyoncé. Lady Gaga’s choreographer, Richy Jackson, puts Sarah Joy through her first audition to see if she has what it takes to become a dance legend.

And, Dr. Phil speaks with Dr. Art Markman, professor, author and member of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, about his new book, Bring Your Brain To Work, which talks about how to communicate with the people around you at work, and “Imposter Syndrome.”

Wednesday June 12, 2019


"My Fiancé Never Showed Up to Our Wedding, But I Still Love Him"

It was just a month ago when Sasha says her fiancé left her at the altar on their wedding day.

Sasha says her 125 guests who traveled from all over the country and even abroad were turned away by the wedding venue, being told the wedding was off. Sasha’s story went viral, even making international headlines. But, the story doesn’t end there. Sasha says her mother, maid of honor, and bridesmaids have no idea she is now speaking to her fiancé and seriously thinking about going back to him. Sasha says her friends and family have told her that if she even thinks about speaking with this man, they will disown her. Sasha says she wrote to Dr. Phil because she needs help revealing her secret to her mom and bridal party. Find out what happens when Sasha tells them the truth. It’s an emotional moment, you don’t want to miss.

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Thursday June 13, 2019


“Was Our Biological Father Involved in an Adoption Scam?”

Frankie and his former wife, Karen Leanne Dees, made headlines and were the subject of a Lifetime movie called “Baby Brokers.” The couple was accused of scamming would-be parents out of thousands of dollars by promising them one of their unborn babies in exchange for financial support.

Frankie says he and Karen had 10 children, and he claims eight of those children were placed for adoption without his knowledge. His daughters Sandy and Ava claim their biological father not only knew about the adoption scam, but they say they believe he was the mastermind behind it. What was Frankie’s involvement? Sandy claims her biological parents “sold her like a piece of furniture for $5,000.” Find out what happens when Sandy meets her biological father for the first time.

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Friday June 14, 2019


A Biological Father Accused of an Adoption Scam: The Aftermath

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Sandy and Ava, who confronted their biological father, Frankie, about his alleged involvement in an adoption scam.

Sandy and Ava claim Frankie and his former wife, Karen Leanne Dees, “sold” their children in an adoption scam, where they promised prospective parents they could adopt one of their unborn babies in exchange for financial support. Their brother, Dalton, says he was Frankie and Karen’s ninth child who was adopted. He claims his biological parents put a $3,000 price tag on his head and that he was the last child “sold” before his mother was arrested. Plus, meet one of the prospective parents who adopted one of Karen’s children. Find out why she says Frankie belongs behind bars. And, Frankie’s youngest child, Ava, says she was raised by her father after her mother was arrested by the FBI -- but she says she did not have a better life than her siblings. Find out a dark secret Ava reveals about her father, and why she wants him to take a polygraph test. What happens when Dr. Phil offers Frankie the opportunity to take a polygraph test?

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