Monday July 1, 2019


“My Husband’s Face Has Been Used as Catfish Bait”

Alan and Amanda say for the past seven years, Alan’s pictures from social media have been used as catfish bait to lure women into online relationships. Several of the victims of this catfish reached out to Amanda and Alan warning them, but Amanda says it got scary when she learned one of the victims received interior and exterior pictures of Amanda and Alan’s home. With the help of a private investigator, Alan and Amanda discovered the catfish wasn’t a man after all -- but a 24-year-old woman with a boyfriend, who says he had no idea she was living this secret online life. Dr. Phil discovers this isn’t the first time this catfish has been caught.

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Tuesday July 2, 2019


A Catfish Meets Her Victim

Alan’s social media pictures have been used for years as catfish bait to lure women into online relationships. The catfish has been caught and “he” is really a “she” – 24-year-old Sarah. Sarah’s boyfriend, “Ken,” says he had no idea she was conning so many women for so many years. Sarah meets her bait, and Dr. Phil uncovers why Sarah says she has been pretending to be a man online for so long. Amanda and Alan claim Sarah is addicted to catfishing and really good at lying, and say they don’t believe she will ever stop. Can Sarah stop the con?  Watch part one of this two-part episode here, then tune in on Tuesday for the conclusion.

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Wednesday July 3, 2019


“Abandoned Twice As A Child: A Mother And A Son Confrontation” Plus: “Help Dr. Phil! My Daughter Needs To Get Out Of Bed, Get Moving, And Get A Job”

Cole says his mother, Debra, is the last person he could ever count on. He says she is the most manipulative, destructive person he has ever known. He claims his mother not only abandoned him once, but twice, and disappointed him practically every birthday, every holiday, and every day.
Cole says he started taking his resentment out on his Aunt Karin, the woman who raised him, due to always being led on by his mother’s false promises. Debra denies his claims, saying she has always been there for Cole, and it was Karin who denied phone calls with him and lied to him about her life. Cole doesn’t know what to believe anymore, but he says there are so many unresolved issues that if Dr. Phil can’t get through to his mom, then he’s done with her for good. Then, Nancy emailed saying that she’s at her wits' end with her 37-year-old daughter, Kindra, who is recently divorced, 100 pounds overweight, and unmotivated. Kindra says she knows her mother cares about her but she just wants her to stop being so negative. Nancy admits she is always nagging Kindra but says she just wants Kindra to lose weight and learn some life skills.

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Thursday July 4, 2019


She Claims Her Husband Left Her for Two Weeks with No Money, No Food and No Car

Lorreine emailed Dr. Phil claiming she is married to a controlling, vindictive narcissist. She claims her husband, Chance, keeps her from working and doesn’t give her spending money.She claims things got so bad, she had to live off of cans of veggies for two weeks -- barely enough to feed her unborn baby which she eventually miscarried. Lorreine also claims he has beaten her in the back of her head with a closed fist, and he has been arrested multiple times for domestic abuse. But Chance says he doesn’t abuse people. He says it’s Lorreine who is always angry and childish, and she’s the one who was arrested just last month for scratching his face and leaving him a bloody mess. This couple wants to work things out, but will they take Dr. Phil’s advice?
Plus, are you looking to buy a cute, little designer dog? Well, don’t. spcaLA president Madeline Bernstein explains where these innocent puppies come from.

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Friday July 5, 2019


In Love with a Rageaholic

Alethea says she feels like a prisoner trapped in a rage-filled relationship with her partner of 15 years, Kevin, and has even resorted to secretly taping his anger just to have proof. Alethea says “The Hulk,” also known as "Kevin’s anger,” is so off the charts, that even strangers who have witnessed it have called the police. Alethea says if the anger doesn’t stop, she is done. Kevin says he believes his rage is a result of brain trauma -- but is it? Dr. Phil gives them both answers when he reveals the results of an MRI brain scan which was performed on Kevin by internationally recognized neuroradiologist Dr. Bradley Jabour.

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