Monday July 22, 2019


“An Unspeakable Accusation: My Daughter Believes I Molested My Granddaughter”

Terrie says in 2017, her daughter, Kelly, accused her of molesting her 5-year-old daughter, Terrie’s granddaughter.

Terrie insists this is completely untrue and insists she has never molested anybody. Terrie says Kelly is tearing apart the family with her horrific accusations. Terrie says just before Kelly’s accusations began, she attended a week-long desert retreat that she believes completely changed her daughter’s personality. Terrie says Kelly tells people she saw aliens on the retreat who may have abducted, raped and impregnated her. Kelly says she is 100% convinced her mom molested her daughter. She claims her mom is a serial child molester who has also molested her and her sister, Katelyn, which Katelyn and Terrie say is completely untrue. Kelly says she is tired of her mother using the desert retreat as a means to tell everyone in the family that’s she’s “crazy.” She’s hopeful that with Dr. Phil’s help, she can finally expose her mother, whom she hasn’t spoken to in over a year. Did Terrie molest her granddaughter? Is Kelly just confused? Dr. Phil investigates; you don’t want to miss it!

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Tuesday July 23, 2019


"My 16-Year-Old Daughter is Throwing House Parties and Posted a Racist Viral Video. She Got Kicked Out of School and I Kicked Her Out Too!"

Alma wrote to the show begging for help because she says her 16-year-old daughter, Emmy, is acting like a wild child: throwing house parties, stealing, drinking, smoking marijuana, and getting kicked out of two schools in two years.

But Alma says the worst offense was when Emmy posted a video online wearing blackface that went viral. According to Alma, the post resulted in Emmy receiving death threats, being asked to leave school early, and Emmy leaving the country until things calmed down. Alma says her daughter has been on a downward spiral since puberty and has ruined Alma’s life and relationships. However, there’s more to this family discord than Emmy’s fight for her right to party. Dr. Phil also hears from Alma’s sister, Anna. She says the real problem with this family has more to do with Alma’s drinking than Emmy’s teenage rebellion.

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Wednesday July 24, 2019


“Please Convince My Daughter She Has an Eating Disorder”

Eighteen-year-old Maddie says she doesn’t have an eating disorder even though her mother, Melissa, stepfather, Greg, and grandmother, Linda, claim Maddie is slowly starving herself to death.

Standing tall at 5’10, Maddie says if it wasn’t for her family, she would weigh less than 100 pounds. Her mother says Maddie has been in and out of the hospital every other month for dehydration, can't get up a flight of steps without being out of breath, passes out in the shower, sleeps all day, and even quit school. But Maddie says everyone needs to calm down because she’s in control. Does Dr. Phil think Maddie is in control or in need of help?

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Thursday July 25, 2019


"Help! Our Bieber-Obsessed Daughter Went From Insta-Famous to Homeless and Hacked"

Taylor says she achieved social media fame by the time she was 14, with around 30,000 followers. She is now 20 and says photos and video of her continue to go viral … but not by her choice.

Taylor claims her iCloud has been hacked three separate times and her computer crashed last year, all by unauthorized users who she suspects are trying to bully her and ruin her reputation. Taylor’s parents, Kathy and Randy, say the constant bullying and hacking has caused their daughter to fall from being a social media star to homeless and hopeless. Kathy, Randy, and their older daughter, Lindsey, also blame Taylor’s boyfriend, Anthony, for not being a good influence on Taylor as she struggles with this cyber-hacking drama. They say they believe her destructive relationship with Anthony pulls her down even further. Anthony says he is not a bad influence and will never leave Taylor. Yet Anthony’s mother, Angie, agrees with Taylor’s parents that her son needs to stay away from their daughter. Dr. Phil sorts out the dysfunctional relationship between Taylor and Anthony while revealing what he believes is really going on with this family.

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Friday July 26, 2019


Jersey Shore Mom and Daughter Bring Their Drama to Texas

Michele and her 33-year-old daughter, Stephanie, appeared on Dr. Phil last year because Michele said Stephanie was binge drinking two-to-three boxes of wine per day.

Stephanie went to rehab, followed by a sober living facility. But ever since Michele moved to Texas, she says it has been a complete disaster. Michele claims Stephanie drinks to the point of hallucination and almost set their house on fire. While in the process of speaking with producers about returning to the show, Stephanie got arrested and was put in jail! Stephanie claims it was because Michele falsely accused her of assault. Dr. Phil reexamines what Michele and Stephanie’s missteps were and advises them on how to achieve positive change in their future.

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