Monday July 29, 2019


“I Cannot Leave My House Because I Fear I Will Die”

Due to her extreme agoraphobia, Kirstie says she has only ventured outside her home further than her mailbox one time in the last 14 months, and that was via ambulance to the hospital. Kirstie says she is confined to her bedroom for 22 hours a day because she believes she will die if she leaves it for longer than just a few minutes. But that’s not all; Kirstie also says she needs someone to watch her 24/7 so she doesn’t die. Kirstie claims her mother’s parenting is the root cause of her debilitating anxiety. Find out what caused a serious “anxiety attack” when Kirstie allowed Dr. Phil cameras to document her daily life. Plus, see what happens when Kirstie confronts her mother for the first time about her claim that she may have caused Kristie’s agoraphobia.


Tuesday July 30, 2019


"Our 14-Year-Old Habitual Runaway Daughter is Being Repeatedly Harbored By Her 18-Year-Old Boyfriend!"

Jody and Mike say they can no longer parent their out of control 14-year-old daughter, Michelle.

The parents claim Michelle is doing drugs and drinking alcohol, repeatedly getting picked up by police, and hanging out with older boys. They also claim Michelle is a habitual runaway and has run away from home at least 10 times this year. Michelle says if her parents would just treat her like an adult, she would have no need to run away. During the summer, Michelle’s parents claim she disappeared for five days before being located at her 18-year-old boyfriend, Paul’s, house. Paul says Michelle is the love of his life and plans on marrying her. Paul says Michelle’s parents better get used to having him around because he’s not going anywhere. So what would it take to keep Michelle from running away? Can these parents possibly accept Paul and move forward?

See what happens in part 2.

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Wednesday July 31, 2019


Explosive 14-Year-Old Runaway Teen and Her Backstage Drama

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Jody, Mike, their 14-year-old daughter, Michelle, and her 18-year-old boyfriend, Paul.

Jody and Mike accuse Paul of harboring their daughter after repeatedly running away. Mike and Paul discuss an explosive altercation that got so heated, Mike said he could "break this guy in half," referring to Paul. Paul says he is ready to take care of Michelle -- but he occasionally sleeps in a broken down car with no windshield. And, the explosive drama continues backstage!

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Thursday August 1, 2019


"I Believe Global Terrorists Are Poisoning Me"

Cheryl says she believes that a global terror network is experimenting on her with lethal chemicals, Saudi Arabia is funding a U.S. terror attack, and she will be killed by lethal poisoning.

Cheryl claims the poisoning in her home is so bad that she has to wear two surgical masks just to stay alive. Cheryl says she is fighting to survive and getting weaker, and she doesn’t know how much more time she has left. Cheryl’s daughter, Bryna, says her mother is living in an altered reality and is concerned for her mental health. Dr. Phil examines Cheryl’s claims to see if they stand up to challenge. Plus, Dr. Phil reveals the results of extensive testing in Cheryl’s home -- what do they reveal?

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Friday August 2, 2019


Bad Parenting or Bad Teen? Who’s Really to Blame?

BeVee and Steve say they are on constant high alert as they never know when their 15-year-old daughter, Taylor, will be triggered into a violent outburst.

They say these outbursts are like uncaging a rabid animal, as Taylor will sometimes punch holes in walls and hit her mother. Taylor says she has absolutely no control over her outbursts and blames her parents, particularly her mother, for much of her violent behavior. Taylor says BeVee is her “trigger” and that if her mother left her alone, she wouldn’t be so mad all the time. BeVee and Steve say things are currently so bad that they are terrified any form of punishment may send their daughter spiraling. Steve says right now, his only option is to physically restrain Taylor, and admits to one time resorting to hitting her with a belt! These parents wonder if maybe they are doing something wrong and contributing to this house of chaos. Dr. Phil weighs in -- don’t miss it!

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