Monday August 5, 2019


“Violent, Angry and on the Edge: My Daughter Wants Me Dead”

Donna claims her 28-year-old daughter, Brittany, is explosively violent and angry and she is terrified that Brittany will follow through on her threats to kill her family one day. Brittany says Donna is a liar who is exaggerating her behavior and that she has always been the scapegoat of her family’s problems. Her father, Steven, divorced Donna when Brittany was only 8 years old and for the past 11 weeks, Brittany has lived with him – find out why he says it was the most difficult 11 weeks in his entire life. Don’t miss when Dr. Phil reveals some explosive footage taken at the guests’ hotel that may shine a light on exactly why this family is here. Is Brittany really the antagonist in her family’s drama? Find out in part 1 of this tense family standoff.

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Tuesday August 6, 2019


A Hostile Hotel Showdown: Can Brittany be Helped?

Donna and her ex-husband, Steven, both claim their 28-year-old daughter, Brittany, is violent, angry and out of control. After a tense reunion with Steven and an explosive confrontation with Brittany in their hotel, is Donna willing to trust Dr. Phil’s advice when it comes to Brittany? And, is Brittany’s life really as happy and functional as she says it is? Dr. Phil calls for backup from life coach Mike Bayer. Did Brittany’s session with him go as planned? Don’t miss the conclusion of this intense family drama.

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Wednesday August 7, 2019


Madly in Love, But Related

Angie and Michael say they have been in love since they were young children, despite being first cousins.

The couple married in Colorado because their home state of Utah does not recognize first cousin marriage. They say being cousins makes their relationship, love and trust for each other even stronger. Since their marriage became public, Michael and Angie say they’ve been met with hateful comments and opinions from their detractors. But are they ready to face their first cousin, Cathy, who says she considers their relationship disgusting, immoral, and embarrassing to the whole family? Plus, what does a genetic expert advise Michael Michael and Angie regarding the possibility of having a child of their own.

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Thursday August 8, 2019


“My Husband Thinks I’m Hacking Our Devices: Help Clear My Name!”

Jennifer claims her family has been the victims of hackers for almost two years. The problem is her husband, Billy, thinks she is the hacker! Things have gotten so bad that Billy has asked for a divorce.

Jennifer says he is so obsessed with the situation that he has lost weight and is about to lose the family auto business. But Billy says he just wants the truth. He claims Jennifer has admitted to hacking their phones and to being unfaithful. Jennifer says she only took the blame to end all arguments but instead, it made things worse. Jennifer says she wants to clear her name and save her marriage!

Friday August 9, 2019


Russian Hackers or Lying Wife? Will Jennifer Finally Come Clean?

Dr. Phil continues his conversation from Thursday with Jennifer and her husband, Billy. She says their marriage is in shambles because her family has been targeted by “hackers” for the last year-and-a-half.

But Billy says he has evidence that leads back to his wife’s phone, proving she is the hacker. Jennifer is adamant that someone else -- an ex, a family member, Billy, even the Russians -- could be responsible. But Dr. Phil says he doesn’t believe Jennifer, and he gives her chance after chance to come clean. You do not want to miss today’s show! Billy decides to walk out on the relationship, but on the way to the airport, Dr. Phil producers get a desperate call from Jennifer that changes everything. Find out why she asked for a third chance to talk to Dr. Phil.

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