Monday August 12, 2019


Blinded By Love

Kelly says her daughter, Amanda, is madly in love with a severe epileptic who refuses to take his meds and has seizures almost every day. Kelly says she wants her daughter to move on, but in Amanda’s eyes, 25-year-old Dylon can do no wrong. She says he makes her happy, and has great eyes and southern charm. They have a 3-year-old son together, and she says she believes if Dylon gets his epilepsy under control, they can have a life together. But Kelly says it’s a lot more complicated than that and claims Dylon is just not capable of being a father or even taking care of himself. Can Dr. Phil make a difference in Dylon’s life?

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Tuesday August 13, 2019


Is This Scam Artist Ready to Come Clean?

Michael is an admitted liar who now claims he’s a changed man and wants to “come clean” about all his past lies and deceptions, including some that have landed him behind bars. In 2016, Michael began telling people he was a combat veteran, a former Sergeant/helicopter pilot in the Marines, and that his “bomb-sniffing dog” had recently died after being hit by a car. He also told people his wife died of cancer, leaving him to care for their two children. Michael now admits these were all lies -- but that he enjoyed the attention that came with being a wounded veteran. Michael says he desperately wants to make amends to those he has deceived. He gets his chance when he comes face-to-face with three of his victims. But is Michael sincere in his apology?

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Wednesday August 14, 2019


Terminal Cancer, a Disability, and a Non-Existent Family: Will Sarah Ever Stop Lying?

Brian, Liz, and Bethany are all ready to face a former friend, Sarah, after learning the truth behind her lies. They say Sarah faked terminal cancer, pregnancies, miscarriages, and went as far as buying herself a wheelchair to pretend to have muscular dystrophy! Brian, Liz, and Bethany say they all feel betrayed by Sarah’s lies and are ready for answers from Sarah. Brian says he confronted Sarah just weeks prior, and she continued to lie. Sarah says she is ready to face her former friends and come clean about all her lies. Will Sarah finally tell the truth?

Watch part 2 here.

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Thursday August 15, 2019


Liar, Liar: Sarah Faces Her Accusers

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Brian, Liz, and Bethany, who claim their former friend, Sarah, fabricated multiple stories about herself, including that she had terminal cancer and muscular dystrophy. Sarah says she lies because her “real” life is “not very exciting.” Brian, Liz, and Bethany say they fear what Sarah is capable of doing. Michelle, who is a cancer survivor and former friend of Sarah’s, also joins the conversation and confronts Sarah for the first time. What does Sarah have to say to the people she has deceived? Is she finally ready to change her ways?

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Friday August 16, 2019


“Our Father was Shot by a Sniper after Robbing a Bank and We Haven’t Spoken in 5 Years”

On January 10, 2006, Daria and Nikki's father was shot and killed by a police sniper when he attempted to rob a bank. Their mother, Barbara claims, his behavior was completely shocking despite admitting that she met her husband 30 years prior while he was serving time for kidnapping. Barbara says her husband’s death completely tore apart her family. Barbara says her daughters are now completely estranged and haven’t spoken in five years. When her husband was killed, Barbara says she was forced to become the sole provider and admits she often ignored her daughters. Nikki claims Daria would physically abuse her, while Daria claims Nikki once chased her with a knife. The daughters come face-to-face for the first time in five years. Can they mend their broken relationship?

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