Monday September 2, 2019


Teacher Becomes Guardian to Protect Student From Mother

Seventeen-year-old Adrianna says she didn’t go to school for a whole year because her mother, Jennifer, pulled her out to be homeschooled.

But instead, she says she was home babysitting her little sisters -- cooking, cleaning and making sure they bathed. Adrianna is now back in school but only after reaching out to her teacher, Whitney. She spent the last month living in her teacher’s home, after her mother signed over guardianship. Adrianna and Whitney claim they tried to get help from CPS but have not been successful. Dr. Phil wants them to know help is on the way. You won’t want to miss this shocking episode.

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Tuesday September 3, 2019


The 47-Year-Old Relationship Virgin

Forty-seven-year-old Adam says he needs Dr. Phil’s help because he’s never had a girlfriend, never been in love, and no woman has ever loved him. He says out of the hundreds of dates he’s been on, he rarely gets a third date. By 50, he says he wants to be married with children but fears he will never get there if he can’t even snag a third date. Dr. Phil sends Adam on a speed date with five single women to dissect what Adam may be doing wrong on dates. By the end of the show, after Dr. Phil gets in Adam’s ear, will one of these ladies give Adam a second chance?

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Wednesday September 4, 2019


Child Kidnapped, Starved and Beaten

Elsa claims she was abused almost daily and beaten with ropes, chains and whips by the people she thought were her adoptive parents, Joe and his wife, Evangeline. Elsa claims Evangeline smashed her fingers with a hammer, cut off part of her tongue with a pair of clippers and even tied her to her highchair and threw her down two flights of stairs. When she would get grounded, she claims Joe and Evangeline would starve her for 1-2 weeks. Elsa says the abuse lasted for years until an unlikely person stepped up and helped rescue her. Find out what Detective Debbie Richmond discovered when she saw Elsa at the hospital. We’ll also hear why Elsa says she refused to talk to police, and how her aunt Susan convinced her.

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Thursday September 5, 2019

A Thanksgiving Disaster, a Burned Toddler and a Family at Odds

Jacob’s son Blake was burned at 2 1/2 years old on a treadmill in his sister Ellen’s home at Thanksgiving in 2014. Jacob claims Ellen was 100% responsible for his son’s injuries and scars. Jacob’s wife, Beth, says that their family was uninvited to further Thanksgivings by Ellen. Ellen says that she never uninvited Jacob and his family, is not responsible for Blake’s injuries and says that in the four-and-a-half years Jacob has held this grudge, Blake hasn’t developed scars. Ellen and Jacob’s brother, Ed, says that he’s tried to play mediator, but after Jacob went on a social media rant in February 2019, rehashing the accident and continuing to blame Ellen, he knew that this unhealthy family feud needed bigger help. Can Dr. Phil help these siblings mend fences?

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Friday September 6, 2019


“We Gave Our 31-Year-Old Daughter a Curfew and Tracked Her on GPS … But She’s Still a Liar and a Drunk”

Twelve years ago, Sara says she gave birth to a baby girl and then, two years later, had a baby boy. After saying she did not connect with her son, Sara eventually gave him to his father to raise. Then, when she says she found herself too “stressed out to raise her daughter,” she gave her to her parents, Tracy and Bret. Now, Tracy and Bret say they wonder how their daughter could have just given up on motherhood. Tracy, Bret and Sara’s older sister, Heather, say now that Sara is childless, she still struggles with life and spends her time partying, to such an extreme that she acts like something out of “Girls Gone Wild.”

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