Monday September 30, 2019


MTV Romance on the Rocks

Angela and Nelson, stars of MTV’s dating show Ex On the Beach, say they fell in love during the filming of the reality show. But when Angela and Nelson left the beach house, they say their relationship crashed on the rocks. Now, Angela questions whether her relationship with Nelson was ever real or just for the cameras. Nelson says the only reason their relationship isn’t working is because Angela refuses to forgive him for cheating on her. Things get so heated between the couple that Angela storms off the stage! Is this relationship salvageable? Can Dr. Phil help this volatile couple? Find out!

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Tuesday October 1, 2019


MTV Romance: Will Nelson Finally Come Clean?

After storming off, Angela returns to the stage for the conclusion to the battle between the Ex On the Beach costars. Nelson has some serious explaining to do after text messages reveal he has been threatening to release a sex tape he made with Angela. And the drama continues once the guests leave the stage. What did Angela and Nelson reveal about the state of their relationship? Don’t miss it!

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Wednesday October 2, 2019

“My Mom Calls Us ‘The Beauty and the Brainwasher’”

Elisha claims her half-sister, Kristina’s, fiancé, Troy, who is 17 years older, is controlling her, "brainwashing" her and alienating her from their family. Elisha and her stepmom, Dawn, say they want Kristina to end her relationship with Troy before she walks down the aisle. Troy denies their claims and says he doesn’t know why there is any drama with Kristina’s family, as he has only met them twice. Kristina says Troy is her rock and wants her family to trust her and her decisions.

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Thursday October 3, 2019


Gen Z: Desperate to Go Viral

Dr. Phil talks to Gen Zers who all have one thing in common: They want to have more social media followers and become “relevant.” Twenty-year-old Telly Zelly says since recently dropping out of college, she is completely devoted to her new career as an aspiring rapper. Telly’s mother, Yowanly, and her aunt, Olga, say Telly’s new attitude does not reflect how she was raised. Telly boasts that when she posted a video of her getting a controversial tattoo on her face, she reached over 5 million views on Twitter alone. Her family wants to know what this outrageous behavior has to do with making music.

Later, Dr. Phil meets with 20-year-old Larz and 19-year-old Bameron, who say they go to great lengths to create viral video content. Recently, there was a rash of teens caught stealing ice cream and eating it in stores. Larz and Bameron decided to pull a similar stunt, but they claim they made a video that was “better.” Within six hours after their video was posted, it received 1.3 million views. Dr. Phil encourages these Gen Zers to reach for their goals, but to also think about their future in a “big picture” way.

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Friday October 4, 2019