Monday November 4, 2019


Torn Between Two Fiancés

Holly says she’s engaged to two men she met online, one from Brazil and the other from Turkey. Her mother, Linda, says she believes they are both in it for the green card but that Keoma, from Brazil, is the worse of her daughter’s two choices. Today, meet Keoma and find out if he’s in the relationship because he loves Holly, or if he’s trying to obtain a green card. Plus, Dr. Phil reveals what a private investigator discovered about Keoma’s past.

See what happens in part 2, when Holly's fiances face off.

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Tuesday November 5, 2019


Holly’s Fiancés Face Off

Holly says she’s in love and engaged to two men. But she has never met either one of these men in person, because fiancé number one, Keoma, is from Brazil and living in London, and fiancé number two, Gunes, is Turkish and lives in Ankara. Tuesday, viewers met Keoma, and Holly’s mother, Linda, said she was not a fan. Now, meet Gunes and find out if Linda is willing to give him her blessing. Then the two men meet for the first time. And, Holly reveals a secret she’s been keeping from both of her fiancés. Will Dr. Phil be OK with Holly marrying one of these men? Or, does he think they just want to use her to get to America?

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Wednesday November 6, 2019


“My Teen Son is Facing Prison After Escaping Police Custody During a Televised Manhunt”

Dana says her son Chas, who was once a good student, star athlete, and self-professed momma’s boy, is now facing five felony charges. While in police custody, the 17-year-old escaped, causing a manhunt that ended after eight hours. Dana says she is scared and heartbroken because he could be facing 10 years in prison. Chas says he is all about “getting the money” and will “hustle” to get out of the hood. He says he is aware that he is facing serious trouble but says, “If you do the crime, you got to do the time.” Chas Sr. says Dana enables their son. He says he tries to discipline Chas, but Dana always shuts him down. Chas Sr. says that his son is reckless, on an out-of-control path, and if he is not careful, Chas will end up in jail or dead.

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Thursday November 7, 2019


Ukrainian Orphan: Child or Adult Sociopath? The Exclusive Interview

The exclusive interview with the Ukrainian orphan who is making headlines. Is she the real life version of the horror movie "Orphan”? Natalia’s adoptive parents have been accused of abandoning her when she was just 9 years old. But they claim Natalia, who has a form of dwarfism, is really a sociopathic adult posing as a child -- who tried to kill them. Natalia speaks out for the first time to Dr. Phil.

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Friday November 8, 2019


An Intense Intervention: “I’m Addicted to Pain Pills, But Not an Addict”

Nate says he always knew his mom was a bit “off,” but was completely shocked after returning home four years ago to find his 52-year-old mother, Helen, looking like a frail old woman due to an opioid addiction. Nate says he believes his siblings, Demetria and Alex, could be more aggressive in helping their mother get clean. He also points a finger at his Aunt Joni, who he believes is enabling their mother’s addiction. Helen told Dr. Phil producers she wants to get help for her “medical issues” but is not drug-addicted. The siblings all agree on one thing: they didn't have a solid foundation growing up and are now having a difficult time agreeing on how to support their mother, who they all desperately want to save.

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