Monday November 18, 2019


Test Results Revealed: Is 15-Year-Old Marie Really Pregnant?

Today, meet 15-year-old Marie, who has told her parents she is now pregnant after running away three times. Dr. Phil confronts Marie about making sure she is following a prenatal regimen and asks her what her future plan is for her unborn child. Marie claims she knows who her baby’s father is and has a plan. Then, Dr. Phil asks her to take a pregnancy test so that everyone can determine what her next step should be. Finally, Marie and her parents, John and Maribeth, discuss the pregnancy results and what is going to happen for everyone as a family.

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Tuesday November 19, 2019

Wednesday November 20, 2019


“I Will Do and Steal Anything to Be ‘Bad and Boujee’”

Alex says he will do absolutely anything to live his “bad and boujee” lifestyle. He admits he lies, cheats, and steals thousands of dollars from friends, family, and even strangers, just so he can live a lifestyle which includes shopping, tanning, and getting his hair done. Alex says he wants to become famous for his “twerking videos,” but until then, he believes his family should be taking care of him because he’s “just 26-years-old!” Alex’s mother, Kimberly, and sister, Elizabeth, say nothing about Alex’s life is glamorous. They claim Alex shows no remorse for any of his actions, even though he has stolen so much from his mother that she claims she will be homeless within the year! Can Dr. Phil get through to Alex? Will Alex ever change his “bad and boujee” ways? Find out!

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Thursday November 21, 2019


Terrorized by Technology: Held Hostage by Our Smart Homes

Brooklyn, Arjun, and Andy all say they had the terrifying experience of having their smart home devices hacked: Brooklyn had complete strangers talking to her 8-year-old daughter, and Arjun’s smart thermostat was raised to 90 degrees while his 7-month-old son was asleep. In a surprising twist, also meet Hank, who hacked Andy’s system. Learn why he says he did it, and get a chance to see this scary situation from a hacker’s point of view. Then, cybersecurity expert and “the world’s most famous hacker” Kevin Mitnick demonstrates some methods hackers use to access sensitive information, and gives valuable tips to keep yourself safe in the cyberworld.

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Friday November 22, 2019


“We’ve Lost Control of Our Raging, Possibly Pregnant, Teen”

Tony and Heather claim their 17-year-old daughter, Rae, has violent meltdowns that have ended with police intervention as many as 80 times! But that’s not all; they also say Rae is claiming she’s pregnant. Rae spent the morning before taping Dr. Phil, barricading her terminally ill mother in a car. Will this family ever make it to stage for Dr. Phil to help them? Find out!  

See what happens in part 2.

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Is your teen a wild child?