Jessica believes her 7-year-old daughter is the next big star and admits she’s spent nearly $20,000 in an effort to make that dream a reality — but is she throwing her money away? And, Rhea and Nate say their marriage is on the brink of divorce — all because they can't agree on housework.

Child Star Scam?

Jessica believes her 7-year-old daughter, Cailey, is going to be the next big star and admits she’s spent nearly $20,000 in an effort to make that dream a reality — including $3,000 to an agency that was supposed to provide a lifetime of acting and modeling classes and photo shoots for both of her children, but didn’t. “One day, we went back, and they were completely shut down,” she explains. “I didn’t know it was a scam when I signed up for it, so it wasn’t my fault.”

Jessica’s husband, Steve, says he’s fed up with his wife’s spending and that her pursuit of fame for their daughter is destroying their bank account. He says they’ve gone through bankruptcy twice, owe the Internal Revenue Service $25,000 and have lost their house and cars as a result of their financial troubles.

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“Our family is about $100,000 in debt,” Jessica admits, adding that she’ll sometimes skip paying bills in order to fund activities for her kids.

Has Jessica learned her lesson, or could she be falling prey to yet another scam?

Does Jessica want fame more than Cailey? Plus, a Dr. Phil staffer shares his experience as an aspiring child star — who fell victim to a scam.

Talent manager Susie Mains and president of Zuri Model and Talent Agency Lindsay Stewart watch Cailey’s audition tape — Do they think she has what it takes?

A Marriage on the Brink — over Housework

Rhea says her husband, Nate, doesn't do his chores well enough, and it makes her feel like he doesn't care about her. Nate says Rhea's nagging makes him feel like a child, and nothing he does around the house will ever be good enough. He says the tension has gotten so high, he recently moved out and asked for a divorce.

“I feel that I am reprimanded like a child.”

See the nightstand that has become a symbol of pain for Rhea.

Dr. Phil meets with Rhea separately and explains that marriage is always a negotiation. He says one way to negotiate is to find out what your partner wants and then figure out a way to get them as much of that as you can. He tells Rhea that measuring her husband’s love for her based on how he does the housework isn’t fair. “This man loves you. His willingness to come here speaks volumes,” he says.

Dr. Phil helps Rhea negotiate a truce with her husband.

Nate says that hearing Rhea tell him that she would lighten up about the housework was “like music to my ears.”

Dr. Phil tells Nate that part of negotiating is finding out what the other person’s currency is. For Rhea, the housework was a symbol of his love for her. Her currency is that she needs to know that he cares about her. He tells Nate that in addition to completing his chores, he could find other ways to let Rhea know that he loves her.

Dr. Phil reveals one of the rules that he follows in his marriage: “I ask myself every day, ‘What can I do today to make my marriage better?’ It may be to send flowers. It may be a call in the middle of the afternoon. It may be that I leave a note. And if you have that attitude, where you look for something to do to make it better, you’ve got two people to make it constructive,” he says. He recommends they get back to being friends as well, which is part of the formula for a successful relationship. 

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