Monday January 20, 2020


“My Boyfriend is Married and His Wife is Irrelevant to Me”

Eighteen-year-old Brooklyn says she is sick and tired of her mother butting into her love life and trying to ruin her relationship with her boyfriend, Eric. Brooklyn’s mother, Courtney, admits she wants nothing more than to see them apart, but that’s only because Brooklyn’s boyfriend has two children and a wife. Brooklyn says her mother needs to back off, or she will have no other choice than to file a restraining order against her for harassment. Eric’s wife, Mandy, says she wants Brooklyn to leave her husband alone. She says she’s here to fight for her marriage.

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Tuesday January 21, 2020

“My Ex Put Cameras at My House to Prove I’m a Horrible Mom”

Jason says his 16-year-old daughter refuses to talk to him because he is a disciplinarian, while his ex-wife, Tina, refuses to be a parent. He says their daughter is so entitled, she runs the house – and Tina has allowed it. Tina says her relationship with Jason has always been dysfunctional and toxic, and they constantly fight and argue. She says Jason has even put up seven cameras around the outside of her house to watch her and her daughter and listen to their conversations. Jason’s mom, Patricia, says Tina gives her daughter anything she wants, and it’s her fault that her daughter has become violent and irresponsible.

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Wednesday January 22, 2020

Black Eye and Busted Lip: Daughter Confronts Dad on Stage

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Jason, who says his 16-year-old daughter won’t talk to him, and his ex-wife, Tina, who Jason claims refuses to be a parent. Their daughter claims Jason has followed her home from school, tried to fight her boyfriend, and taken pictures of her friends' license plates. She says she’s ready to confront her dad on Dr. Phil’s stage about how she ended up with a black eye and busted lip during an argument with him. Jason says he did not hurt his daughter and he is forced to stay away from her because he is afraid of getting arrested. Tina says Jason and his mother, Patricia, make the situation worse by always exerting their power over Tina and their daughter’s living situation, including Jason installing cameras around the house they live in which Patricia owns. Patricia says Tina always plays the victim but she is the reason why her granddaughter is out of control.

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Thursday January 23, 2020

Friday January 24, 2020

"Two Cancelled Engagements, Fighting and Drinking: Should I Leave My Fiancé?”

Loni emailed Dr. Phil multiple times saying her fiancé, Dustin, goes from sweet to furious in a split second, and has called her names in front of their 3-year-old daughter. His family questions why she stays -- but she says he just gets like that because he often drinks 12 beers a night and 60 over the weekend. Dustin admits he’s an alcoholic but he says the problem is that he lives in a state of boredom, so he turns on Dr. Phil and starts drinking until he passes out. Can Dr. Phil help Dustin acknowledge he has a problem?

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