Monday February 10, 2020


"A Monster In The Media?”

Dr. Phil Exclusive: Lovie says on New Year’s Day 2020, a video of her son, Darnell, went viral on the news where he is shown attacking his ex-girlfriend and dragging her back to his vehicle. Lovie says the man in the video is not the son she raised and says if Darnell wasn’t drinking that night, this would have never happened. Darnell says he doesn’t recognize himself in the video and says he wants to apologize to the world for what he has done. Brianna, the sister of the woman in the video, shares her side of the story, and claims the attack caught on camera was just one of three assaults her sister endured that night. However, Darnell says he does not remember what happened that night.

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Tuesday February 11, 2020

“My Ex-Husband Blew Our Million Dollar Retirement”

Robert, a retired professor, says he began dating again as his 40-year marriage to his then-wife, Jeremi, began to unravel three years ago. Now, he says he is currently focused on five women, but he admits he's never met any of them in person. Jeremi says she is furious because first, Robert lost all of their $1 million retirement savings on day trading and now, he's giving money away to these women, who she insists are catfish. Robert admits he may have made some mistakes but says now that he’s in the online dating world, he’s smart enough to know how to figure out who is and isn’t a scammer. But is he? Dr. Phil starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together to find out what’s really going on. Watch part 2, here.

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Wednesday February 12, 2020

Thursday February 13, 2020


The Adoption Imposter: “Catch Me If You Can”

Multiple families are believed to have been targeted by an adoption imposter who finds couples online and tricks them into believing she has a baby for them, only to disappear days or weeks down the line with no explanation. Dr. Phil meets Amy and Kylie who run an adoption website and say their clients are terrified of becoming victims of this scheme. Dr. Phil also meets Lauren and Julio, who were duped by this imposter, and Kyndra, whose identity was stolen. Will Dr. Phil get to the bottom of who is doing this and why? Tune in to find out!

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Friday February 14, 2020