Monday March 16, 2020


“My Top Model Son is Convinced He’s Mentally Ill”

Kimberly says her son Blake is a successful model who has traveled the world. However, she says behind his success, Blake lives in constant fear of developing schizophrenia. This has caused nonstop drama in the household and the family to pull apart. She says Blake will spend 10-plus hours on Google obsessing over what could be wrong with him and seeks his family’s reassurance that he's not mentally ill. Blake’s twin brother, Chad, says his brother’s obsession has affected their relationship, and Blake’s girlfriend, Maxie, is worried this will hold him back from his modeling career.

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Tuesday March 17, 2020


Coronavirus: Facts vs Fears

Dr. Phil investigates the widespread pandemic known as the coronavirus. How afraid should we be? What are the facts? Dr. Phil speaks with a group of leading medical and health professionals who reveal their genuine concerns about this ever-growing, ever-changing medical phenomenon that is captivating the globe. First, eminent neurosurgeon Dr. Patrick Johnson discusses the fears around this virus along with distinguished molecular and microbiology professor Paula Cannon, PhD. Then, hear from Dr. Abdu Sharkawy, whose social media post about the pandemic was shared over 1.5M times. Plus, a coronavirus survivor and his wife relive the moment of his diagnosis. And, a woman in New York reveals she is so worried about the illness that she has isolated herself in her home and intends to do so for the next two months. Watch while Dr. Phil dissects the fine details of this complex and controversial illness. How bad will it get? When will it end? Tune in to find out!

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Wednesday March 18, 2020


Gen Z: Lifestyles of the Mooching and Wanna Be Famous

Dr. Phil's guests say they believe internet fame is their road to fortune – but are they willing to put in the hard work to “make it big”? Mariah Malibu says she’s a “star in the making” on her way to becoming the next Anna Wintour or Paris Hilton. She wants her own fashion empire and says she’s willing to ruin relationships if that’s what gets her closer to the top! Twenty-year-old TJ says he’s wanted to be a YouTube star since he was 9 years old, so three months ago, he quit his job and is now pranking people and filming it. But his parents say he needs to come back to reality and find a job that pays the bills. And Billy Blu says his goal is to be an internet “influencer” and create his own skin care business, all while his father foots the bill. Is his father ready to cut the purse strings? Are these GenZ’ers ready for a wake-up call, or are they well on their way to a lifestyle of the rich and famous?

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Friday March 20, 2020


Athlete to Addict

Bobby and Renna say their son, Cameron, was a local hero in their small town. They say Cameron was the homecoming king and an all-star football and baseball player with recruiters knocking down his door. But the parents say all that changed in the blink of an eye when injuries destroyed Cameron’s athletic career, and with the injuries came surgeries, and with the surgeries came pain pills. Cameron’s parents say now their son is a heroin-addicted criminal whose dirty needle use left him needing heart surgery to save his life. But, Bobby and Renna admit they are not on the same page on how to save their son. In fact, just four months ago, Bobby gave Renna an ultimatum: stop enabling their son, or she and Cameron needed to move out. Renna says she chose to walk away from her 30-year marriage to save her son. Can Dr. Phil get Renna to stop helping her son kill himself with drugs? Plus, find out the shocking confession Cameron makes to Dr. Phil producers?

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Has life gone from total success to complete mess?