Monday April 6, 2020


Coronavirus: From The Front Lines

Medical workers on the frontlines are fighting the coronavirus and risking their own lives in the process of curbing some of the damage in this pandemic. Dr. Phil delves into how this is impacting all aspects of the medical community. He speaks with a doctor in the trenches of the ICU, and a nurse in the labor ward who can’t practice social distancing. Plus, hear how New York nurses are doing in the eye of the virus’ storm.

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Tuesday April 7, 2020

“My Partying Sister Needs a Motherhood Master Class – Now”

Nick claims his 41-year-old sister, Jennifer, is a bad parent who prioritizes partying over parenting her 13-year-old daughter. Nick says ever since Jennifer divorced her husband, Ben, her parenting skills have spiraled out of control, resulting in a long list of worrying behaviors from their daughter, including violence and self-harm. Julie, Ben’s girlfriend, claims his daughter would be much happier away from her mother and living with them. Jennifer says she is sick and tired of being made out to be a bad mom and claims Ben has no idea how hard she has it as a single mother. Jennifer says she’s through being ganged up on by Ben, his girlfriend, and her brother, and wants Dr. Phil’s help to prove she is not the problem here. Can Dr. Phil convince this divorced couple to co-parent in harmony? Tune in to find out!

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Wednesday April 8, 2020


Coronavirus: “What’s My Future?”

With much of the country and the world in lockdown due to COVID-19, what does the future hold? Dr. Phil speaks with an Olympic athlete who is not only struggling to make ends meet while he trains for a return to the world’s biggest stage, but after the historic postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, is now questioning how much longer he should sacrifice the dreams of his family for his dream. Plus, a woman fears she won’t be able to leave her house for months or even a year. Should she be worried? And, Dr. Phil speaks with a doctor and scientist who has helped develop antiviral drugs for other deadly viruses. Find out why she fears the worst may be yet to come.

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Thursday April 9, 2020


“Covidiots” Sorry Not Sorry

Every day, there’s another headline of some rule-breaker going against what every medical expert is recommending in order to flatten the curve of the coronavirus. These naysayers have been honored with a new Urban Dictionary term describing their dimwitted defiance: "Covidiots." They are people frolicking on the beach, going to parties and weddings, and hoarding supplies. Meet a “Spring Breaker” who traveled to Miami despite government warnings and hear how she says 15 seconds changed her life forever. And, a restaurant owner who defied his Governor. Plus, musician David Foster helps people calm their nerves during these stressful times with some new music.

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Friday April 10, 2020


“My Mom Took My Phone, Car, Condo and Kids – Help Me Get Them Back!”

Morgan claims that last year, her mother, Liz, stole her two children right out from under her and says she has no idea why. Morgan’s mother, Liz, claims she had no choice but to seek custody because Morgan is addicted to ADHD medication, hears voices, and hid a fugitive in her home for 11 days! Morgan denies that she has an addiction and says she is only taking what is prescribed to her. But Morgan’s mother and her best friend, Amy, believe Morgan’s prescription drug abuse is what caused what they call her “psychotic break.”

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