Monday June 22, 2020


“My Top Model Son is Convinced He’s Mentally Ill”

Kimberly says her son Blake is a successful model who has traveled the world. However, she says behind his success, Blake lives in constant fear of developing schizophrenia. This has caused nonstop drama in the household and the family to pull apart. She says Blake will spend 10-plus hours on Google obsessing over what could be wrong with him and seeks his family’s reassurance that he's not mentally ill. Blake’s twin brother, Chad, says his brother’s obsession has affected their relationship, and Blake’s girlfriend, Maxie, is worried this will hold him back from his modeling career.

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Tuesday June 23, 2020


“Our 15-Year-Old Runaway Daughter Claims She’s Pregnant, But is She?”

Maribeth and John say their 15-year-old daughter, Marie, has become distant, angry, and is no longer the charming honors school student they once knew. They say around one year ago, Marie began running away – appearing in the news and social media – until the police hunted her down! But they claim Marie has continued to act out by selling stolen items, driving her parents’ car without a license, and sneaking out at all hours of the night. So, Maribeth and John installed surveillance cameras, bolted Marie’s window shut, and took away her phone. But Marie disappeared again, and this time when she returned, she said she was pregnant.

See what the test results reveal. 

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Wednesday June 24, 2020


Test Results Revealed: Is 15-Year-Old Marie Really Pregnant?

Today, meet 15-year-old Marie, who has told her parents she is now pregnant after running away three times. Dr. Phil confronts Marie about making sure she is following a prenatal regimen and asks her what her future plan is for her unborn child. Marie claims she knows who her baby’s father is and has a plan. Then, Dr. Phil asks her to take a pregnancy test so that everyone can determine what her next step should be. Finally, Marie and her parents, John and Maribeth, discuss the pregnancy results and what is going to happen for everyone as a family.

See what happened in part 1.

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Thursday June 25, 2020


“My Husband’s Double Life Exposed: Should I End My Marriage?”

Nicole says she thought she knew her husband of nearly 20 years, Carter, but all that changed when Nicole uncovered a secret her husband has been hiding for years. Nicole says 12 days ago, she discovered that Carter has been having a nearly four-year sexual affair with a man. Even though Carter insists he has told Nicole everything, she is adamant that she believes there is more her husband is hiding. Find out the shocking results a private investigator revealed to Dr. Phil about the man Carter has been having an affair with.

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Friday June 26, 2020


The Search for Missing Grandma

Tyler’s grandmother was a mystery to him until today. She walked out of his father’s life 43 years ago when he was just a toddler. His father took his own life in 2015 and never got to see his mother again, something he always struggled with. Troy Dunn, The Locator, was able to solve this mystery for Tyler and reunites him with family members he didn’t even know existed. You won’t want to miss as Dr. Phil helps Tyler through this emotional roller-coaster.

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