Monday June 29, 2020

From Army Specialist to ‘Mooching Burnout' Brother


Roberto and Teresa say their 32-year-old son, Alex, is lazy, unemployable, angry, and abuses alcohol and marijuana. Alex’s siblings, Rob and Stephanie, say that while Alex definitely doesn’t have his life together, their parents are the ones enabling him by bankrolling Alex’s self-destruction. After an explosive altercation just six months ago that ended with Alex assaulting both his parents, Teresa kicked him out of her house but continues to pay his rent. Can Dr. Phil get this family to face their issues head-on?

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Tuesday June 30, 2020


“My Wife Tricked Me into Getting a Divorce”

Doug says he and his ex-wife, Amy, have been living in the same house since their recent divorce so they can co-parent their two children. He says it wasn’t his idea to end the marriage – and he wants his wife back. He blames his former steroid addiction for causing him to have an affair with an 18-year-old cheerleader. Amy claims Doug was always an abusive husband, and steroids only made it worse. She says Doug is using their children to manipulate her and pressure her to reconcile. She says she’s done with the marriage and wants nothing from Doug except to co-parent.

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Wednesday July 1, 2020


Breakup, Breakdown

Melanie emailed Dr. Phil saying her relationship with her 15-year-old daughter, Elena, is strained because Elena has been disobedient, grouchy and mean since her boyfriend broke up with her recently. Elena admits she’s miserable and says she’s disappointed she didn’t do enough to keep him. The breakup was so hard on Elena that she quit regular school and says she would rather go back to a mental health facility than see the boy who dumped her. Then, LaTonya emailed Dr. Phil saying she was pursuing her dreams in a big city, and everything was going her way until her boyfriend, Randy, cheated and then dumped her. Randy admits he was seeing several women and that he was never LaTonya’s boyfriend -- he just made her think he was. Can Dr. Phil help these heartbroken women?

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Thursday July 2, 2020

Friday July 3, 2020

Terrorized by Technology: Held Hostage by Our Smart Homes

Brooklyn, Arjun, and Andy all say they had the terrifying experience of having their smart home devices hacked: Brooklyn had complete strangers talking to her 8-year-old daughter, and Arjun’s smart thermostat was raised to 90 degrees while his 7-month-old son was asleep. In a surprising twist, also meet Hank, who hacked Andy’s system. Learn why he says he did it, and get a chance to see this scary situation from a hacker’s point of view. Then, cybersecurity expert and “the world’s most famous hacker” Kevin Mitnick demonstrates some methods hackers use to access sensitive information, and gives valuable tips to keep yourself safe in the cyberworld.

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