Monday July 27, 2020


A Parent Accused: Is He a Narcissistic and Abusive Father?

Parents Liz and Jim say their 16-year-old son, Nic, has a serious drug problem that has such a hold on him, they claim he even stole $75,000 in gold from his parents’ safe and spent it all on drugs! But, Liz says she is convinced that her husband is to blame. Liz accuses Jim of being a narcissist and misogynist, whose parenting philosophy is based on intimidation and abuse, and claims that is what drove their son to drugs. Jim denies Liz’s allegations, claiming she has gone to great lengths to paint him as a villain. He says she is the major problem, and calls her the world's lousiest parent and a doormat who helped enable Nic's deadly addictions.

See what happens in part 2.

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Tuesday July 28, 2020


A Parent Accused: Jim Confronts His Children

Dr. Phil continues to speak with parents, Liz and Jim, about why each blames the other for their son’s drug addiction. Liz says she blames what she calls Jim’s abusive parenting philosophy for their son retreating to drugs, which Jim vehemently denies. Jim claims his wife has gone to great lengths to paint him as the villain, but says, “Liz is the world’s lousiest parent." Find out what happens when Jim faces his daughter, Chloe, and son, Nic. Will they support their mother’s accusations against their father?

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Wednesday July 29, 2020

46-Year-Old Moocher Dad Sleeping in a Bunk Bed

Recorded before stay-at-home order. Kelly says she is concerned her father, Shade, allowed her ex-husband, Allen, to move into his home after their divorce. Now, Allen has found his way into Kelly's childhood bedroom, where he has been living for the past 5 ½ years, sleeping at night in a bunk bed and claiming to look for jobs in the daytime. Kelly says she wants her dad to confront Allen and make him get out! Kelly says Allen cannot start being an active father to their two children, Dylan and Lilli, until he becomes more independent, and their children agree. But Allen says the family has it all wrong, because he believes he and Shade are happily living together in their “bachelor pad.”

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Thursday July 30, 2020


Exclusive: Family Accused of Locking Their Children in Cages

Four children have been removed from what Lee County District Attorney is calling a real-life house of horrors. The children’s great-grandparents, Pamela and James Bond, and their mother, Kylla Mann, were arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse and reckless endangerment. In an exclusive interview, the children’s family speaks out for the first time about what they claim really happened inside those walls.

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Friday July 31, 2020


From Hollywood Body Double to Force Feeding Frenzy

Ten years ago, Suzy claims she developed a “mysterious illness” that leaves her shaking, trembling, convulsing, and having to force-feed herself more than 7,000 calories a day to stop her “attacks”! She says things are so bad that she must always have food on hand, including while she uses the bathroom and shower. What could this mysterious illness possibly be? Could Dr. Phil be the solution to Suzy’s 10-plus-year journey to find answers?

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