Monday September 14, 2020


"I Believe My Sister is a Cult Leader Who Claims She’s Mother God"

A Dr. Phil exclusive: Faith and spirituality usually bring families together. However, one family says they’ve been torn apart. Chelsea, her sister, Tara, and her mom, Linda, claim their beloved, Amy, is now allegedly a “cult leader” trying to change the world through natural healing methods. Chelsea has been writing to Dr. Phil for years because she says her sister, Amy, left the family, started calling herself “Mother God,” claims to do surgery with her hands and talk to dead people, and is so far gone, she’s already lost to her family.

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Tuesday September 15, 2020


“Mother God’s” Followers and Alleged Victims Face Off

In a Dr. Phil exclusive, Dr. Phil continues speaking with a family who claims they were torn apart because of an organization that professes love. Amy says she is “Mother God” and can heal the world with her group, Love Has Won. Her sister, Chelsea, does not think Amy is a deity, but alleges that she is a brainwashed “cult leader” who abandoned her family years ago and is putting other people’s lives at risk.

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Wednesday September 16, 2020

The “Karen” Phenomenon

The term “Karen” has become one of the most notorious names of the year. Dr. Phil investigates this term and the people it is ascribed to: typically white, middle class, entitled, aggressive or racist women. Dr. Phil meets Sandrella, dubbed “Trader Joe’s Karen,” after a video of her screaming in a supermarket for being told to wear a mask went viral. James, a man who was reprimanded by a couple for stenciling “Black Lives Matter” on his own wall, reveals how the video he took changed his life and his accusers' lives forever. Watch when Sandrella and James get into a heated argument over the “BLM” movement. Dr. Phil also meets Brian and Kelly Anne, who came to verbal blows at an anti-mask rally in Toronto, resulting in Kelly Anne comparing people who think they can force masks on others because of a government mandate to obedient citizens who listened to Hitler! Plus, eminent academics Wendy Murphy and Dr. N’Senga Burton have a spirited debate over whether the term “Karen” is misogynistic. Don’t miss it!

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Thursday September 17, 2020

“What Ever Happened to the ‘Fat Guy’ Biking Across America?”

Former guest Eric returns to tell Dr. Phil exactly how he wronged him the last time they met four years ago. Eric was the self-proclaimed “fat guy” weighing in at 560 lbs. and was supposed to bike across America to lose weight and win back his wife, Angie. After his story went viral, thousands of dollars rolled in, and so did the critics, saying Eric was scamming America. Eric never finished his journey. Now, pushing 700 lbs., Eric says he forgives Dr. Phil after all these years. For what? Find out when Eric unleashes on Dr. Phil. Plus, Eric hopes Dr. Phil will help him lose weight. Dr. Phil has a secret weapon -- another former guest, David, who also was pushing 700 lbs. Wait until you see his weight loss transformation!

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Friday September 18, 2020

Should Schools Reopen?

It’s back to school time. But instead of excitement in the air, there’s fear and controversy in the era of coronavirus, as parents, teachers, and doctors try to navigate the onslaught of information to keep children safe. Some parents are desperately seeking a return to work and normalcy, while others say the risks of in-person classes outweigh the rewards. Dr. Phil talks to parents, doctors and teachers from all sides of the back to school debate.

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