Monday September 21, 2020


“Help, My Alcoholic Daughter is Drinking Hand Sanitizer During COVID”

Javanna admits she’s is alcohol dependent, and has resorted to drinking hand sanitizer when she is desperate for alcohol. Javanna says she blames her drinking on her mother, Tracy, due to her traumatic childhood and her mother not protecting her. Tracy says Javanna is out of control and becomes violent, argumentative, and gets in trouble with the law when she is drunk.

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Tuesday September 22, 2020

Sixteen and Out of Control

Upon first look, 16-year-old Andrew appears to be an adorable, unassuming, successful student. But his mother, Joy, says he’s just the opposite, claiming that for the past year, Andrew has been terrorizing his twin brother, Matthew, and oldest sister, Kaylie, with the goal of becoming a famous TikTok prankster. Joy claims Andrew has been expelled from school twice, and the police now know him by name. She claims that ever since she kicked the twins' father, Dean, out of the house, it’s been an uphill battle. But Andrew says he would stop being “bad” if only his mother would allow him to live with his father. What Does Dr. Phil think?

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Wednesday September 23, 2020

Is Jake Sick or Just Lazy?

Susan and Randy both describe their 27-year-old son, Jacob, as “incapacitated” and virtually unable to do anything for himself, including showering regularly, making doctor appointments, filling out job applications, cleaning his bedroom … and the list goes on! Susan and Randy say they fear they will have to put off their plans of retirement and selling their home to take care of Jacob for the rest of their lives! But, there’s nothing physically wrong with Jacob! So why do his parents let him get away with living in their home in a filthy bedroom and jobless, with no plans to change anytime soon? Is Jacob lazy, or is there something seriously wrong?

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Thursday September 24, 2020


“Mom Ruined My Sister’s Wedding and Our Childhood”

Danielle says her family never recovered from her sister’s wedding day disaster almost eight years ago when she claims her mom acted like a complete lunatic. Danielle says this was one of the many moments of trauma and chaos Janet caused in her life. Her entire family has not been face-to-face for years, but they come together to confront Janet about their childhood filled with different moves, men, and disappointments, to see if she will finally take accountability for the damage she’s allegedly done.

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Friday September 25, 2020


What White People Need to Know

Dr. Phil has an open and frank discussion about racism. First, hear from Joel and Tamiya, a married black couple who made the news after they claim they were racially profiled and falsely accused of theft. Also joining Dr. Phil is Professor and Racial Equity Expert at USC Shaun R. Harper, who says he believes implicit bias and microaggressions are like “death by a million paper cuts” to black people. Dr. Phil also meets Jim, a white journalist who believes the Black Lives Matter movement is a terrorist hate group targeting white people. Then, the conversation continues with Anita, who claims she was accused of trespassing and interrogated by police at a hotel where she was a paying guest, and video of the confrontation went viral. Plus, hear from a woman who says white people should never apologize for their race, and another who claims all white people have prejudice. Watch while Joel and Jim have a heated discussion about the issues faced by black and white people in the U.S. today. Will Dr. Phil get to the core of the issues that affect black and white people? Tune in to find out!

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