Monday October 5, 2020

“My Mom and Sister Are a Violent Mess”

Erica says her family is hostile and toxic. She says her mother, Desiree, and sister, Adrienne, are at one another’s throats, and the police have been called over 20 times. Desiree claims Adrienne has trashed her house and bullied the family for years. Adrienne claims her mother has always put men and alcohol before her children, and Adrienne had to become the protector of the family. Erica says she is about to cut ties with her family if Dr. Phil can’t fix them.

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Tuesday October 6, 2020

“Our Daughter is Raising Our Grandson in a Filthy Death Trap!”

Fred and Cynthia claim their daughter, Crystal, is raising their 12-year-old grandson in a death trap! They say there is no running water, and the ceiling leaks; there are exposed wires, smoking electrical sockets, mice, and mold! They say their daughter’s home is such a health hazard that it needs to be burned to the ground, and they claim they are finally ready to call CPS to protect their grandson. Crystal admits she hasn’t cleaned in two years, and her home has become a living embodiment of how she feels on the inside due to her extensive childhood trauma. Dr. Phil is joined by Dr. Charles Sophy, and they both agree Crystal’s son can never return to their nightmarish living conditions. You don’t want to miss it!

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Wednesday October 7, 2020


“Our Brother is a Mooch and Our Mother Needs to Cut the Cord”

Samantha and her sister Sarah say their mother, Stacy, is very successful as a special education teacher and behaviorist, but when it comes to parenting their 33-year-old brother, Ben, that’s another story. They claim their mother has allowed Ben to live rent free for the past two years, while he lays by the pool doing nothing to contribute around the house. Stacy’s husband, Doug, says he moved out and refuses to come home until Stacy kicks his stepson out of the house. Stacy says everything she is doing for her son, including teaching him how to pay his bills and eat his veggies, is all part of getting Ben to stand on his own two feet. Ben insists he is not taking advantage of his mother’s hospitality and kindness; he is just stuck in a rut.

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Thursday October 8, 2020


31-Years-Old and Out-of-Control

Heather, her daughter, Sheilagh, and her mother, Kristi, complain to Dr. Phil that her adult son, Ryan, has been arrested at least 10 times for causing constant shenanigans, including dancing in the middle of the street drunk and destroying property — and yet, until recently, Heather allowed him to continue to live in her own home and cause constant chaos! Ryan’s entire family have all brought video evidence to show Dr. Phil the horrifying and embarrassing behaviors that they claim they’ve had to live with for years! But will Ryan want to change when Dr. Phil confronts him about his drinking and disrespectful attitude? You don’t want to miss this dramatic intervention.

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Friday October 9, 2020


"Beaten, Robbed and Left for Dead: Help Save My Beautiful Daughter from the Streets!”

Shannon says for the past four years, she’s been raising her two young grandchildren while her daughter, Ginger, has been running the streets, drinking, doing drugs, and selling her body for money. Shannon says just this past year, Ginger was beaten, robbed, and left for dead on the side of the road and was lucky to survive. Shannon says Ginger’s children need their mother now more than ever, but says she’s prepared to care for her grandchildren for the rest of her life. Is Shannon the best option to raise the children?

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