Monday October 12, 2020

The Mystery of Melissa: Why Did She Vanish?

In May 2020, 26-year-old Melissa left home without warning and flew 2,000 miles across the country, leaving behind a note that said, “One day, Dr. Phil will be able to help me.” Melissa’s family says months before she left, she hadn’t “been herself,” but has no idea why she up and vanished. Melissa, who has written 393 emails to Dr. Phil, says she’s finally ready to reveal the reason to her family, but feels he is the only person who can help. Today, Dr. Phil meets Melissa’s parents, Donna and Mark, and then talks to Melissa one-on-one to discuss the dark secret she’s been keeping.

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Tuesday October 13, 2020

A Daughter’s Dark Confession: A Family’s Reaction

Yesterday, Dr. Phil met Melissa’s parents, who said she has suffered from bullying and self-esteem issues, but had no idea why she left home without warning a few months ago. Dr. Phil spoke to Melissa one-on-one, who revealed she has vivid urges to kill her family and moved 2,000 miles across the country for their safety. Today, Melissa confronts her family and reveals the dark secret she’s been keeping. How will they react? Find out during the conclusion of Melissa’s story.

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Wednesday October 14, 2020


Christmas Day Shooting: “My Ex Tried to Kill Me!”

Four years ago, on Christmas Day, Stacy claims she was shot twice by her ex-boyfriend. Stacy claims she was left for dead and fighting for her life in the hospital, while her ex went on the run, sparking a nationwide search by the U.S. Marshals. Even though he was eventually apprehended and sentenced to 105 years in prison, Stacy says she is still haunted by that tragic day and worries her engagement to her fiancé, Chad, may not last because of her past. Dr. Phil shares the shocking 911 call from that Christmas day, which not only recorded the shots fired, but the emotional aftermath of Stacy’s teen daughter pleading for her mother to survive. Plus, Dr. Phil speaks with Brieanna, who shares her amazing story of survival after being attacked by her ex-boyfriend. And lastly, Dr. Phil and Robin speak with Terra Newell, who fatally stabbed her estranged stepfather and whose story garnered notoriety with the hugely successful podcast and scripted series, “Dirty John.”

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Thursday October 15, 2020

“Our Daughter is Pregnant and Addicted to Heroin”

Beth wrote to Dr. Phil saying she fears for her stepdaughter, Teresa's, life because she has been using heroin for the past 10 years. Not only is Teresa using heroin every day, but she is 34 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. Teresa’s father, Barry, admits that he enables his daughter’s drug habit by continuously giving her money and paying her bills. Teresa’s mother, Karin, says if no one is going to step in to take care of Teresa’s baby, then she will fight for custody.

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Friday October 16, 2020

Holly Gets Engaged!

Last season, Dr. Phil viewers met Holly, who was in love and engaged to two foreign men she met online, one Brazilian, the other Turkish. She has since dumped the Brazilian and gone to Turkey where she officially became engaged to her Turkish love, Gunes. But her mother, Linda, says Holly hasn’t been the same since her return. Linda says she blames it on one thing. Find out what that is and if Dr. Phil agrees with Linda. Plus, is Holly ready for marriage? Dr. Phil weighs in on that, too.

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