Monday October 19, 2020


“My 49-Year-Old Dad is Dating My 23-Year-Old Friend”

Joni claims that Gina used to be one of her besties and that they were inseparable, from spending birthday trips out of town to girls’ nights out, often ending in Gina crashing at Joni’s house. Joni says all that changed when 23-year-old Gina began dating Joni’s 49-year-old father, David, behind her back and giving birth to David’s child. Joni says she feels betrayed by Gina and her father, even going as far as sharing her dislike for her former friend and father’s newfound romance on TikTok. Gina says the picture Joni paints of them being best friends is all a lie, but in any event, Joni needs to accept her relationship with Joni’s father. David says despite his daughter’s disapproval, he is going to continue being in a committed relationship with Gina, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also have a relationship with his daughter.

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Tuesday October 20, 2020

Married 10 Times and Can’t Get It Right

Cassey says she’s desperate for Dr. Phil’s help because she’s been married 10 times and none of the marriages have worked out. She claims several of her exes have said it wasn’t her fault the marriage failed; it was theirs! She says she’s married all different types, from a preacher to a rocker, to her high school sweetheart, but no matter what type of man she picks, she always ends up alone. She says she’s 56 years young, still looking for the perfect match, and ready for Dr. Phil to get real with her so she can find out what’s gone wrong.

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Wednesday October 21, 2020


Dr. Phil Follow Up

Dr. Phil follows up with some of his former guests to see if they were able to turn their lives around after talking with him. Is it possible that an out-of-control teen got on the right path? Did a guest who believed he was a cyborg change? Has the “hoarding couple” finally cleaned up their house? Did a 27-year-old stop mooching off of his parents? Tune in to see what happened to these guests and more!

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Thursday October 22, 2020


Mom vs. Sons: Who is Bullying Whom?

Twenty-four-year-old JT and his 20-year-old brother, Jacob, say they’d like to move out of their mom, Alisa’s, home and have independent lives, but they feel bullied by their own mother into staying at home and taking care of her. The young men also say they feel afraid to leave their mom alone because they fear she won’t be able to take care of herself. Alisa claims she was once so close with JT and Jacob, they were like “The Three Musketeers,” but in the past two years, her sons have become “like the devil,” constantly smoking marijuana and disrespecting her. Dr. Phil works to get to the bottom of exactly what is going on in this dysfunctional household. Dr. Phil invites Dr. Hans Breiter to explain to JT and Jacob more about the severe risks of using marijuana, especially for young people with developing brains.

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Friday October 23, 2020


Failure of Justice? Brutal Murders, Claims of Wrongful Conviction

Derek and Nancy Haysom were found brutally murdered late one night in March 1985. It is a fascinating tale that landed a German diplomat’s son, Jens Soering, behind bars for their murder. Soering’s girlfriend at the time, the Haysom’s daughter, Elizabeth, was convicted of accessory to murder. Although Soering did confess to the murders, he recanted just before his 1990 trial. Soering has spent 33 years behind bars until just recently when the state of Virginia granted him parole and extradited him back to Germany. Dr. Phil gets Soering's first American interview. Plus, Dr. Phil hears from Rodney Reed.

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