Monday November 16, 2020


Is “Maria” Real? A Big Surprise for David

David says he is in love with a Christian woman from Texas named “Maria,” who claims she has an inheritance of $10 million. David says even though they have never met, he has paid $25,000 over the last two-and-a-half years to their lawyer in order to get the inheritance money. Dr. Phil investigates “Maria” to find out if she is a real person or if David is part of an online catfish scam.

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Tuesday November 17, 2020

Torn Between Her Heart and Head: Is Anna’s Boyfriend Real?

Dr. Phil meets Nino and his fiancée, Alexandria, who say they are 100% convinced Nino’s mom, Anna, is being scammed by her alleged online boyfriend, “Sammie Lee Strong.” Despite their efforts to intervene, Nino says Anna is ignoring all the red flags and has sent “Sammie” over $120,000. Anna says she loves “Sammie,” but Nino has put so much doubt into her head, she doesn’t know who to believe. But where is “Sammie”? And, how can Dr. Phil help Anna? Find out today on part 1 of this three-part story.

Watch part 2 here.

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Wednesday November 18, 2020


“Dr. Phil” International Investigation: Where is “Sammie Lee Strong”?

Dr. Phil continues to search for Anna’s alleged boyfriend, “Sammie Lee Strong,” and finds the man behind the photos. Dr. Phil then meets two women who claim the man isn’t telling the entire truth – making this a catfish story unlike any Dr. Phil has ever covered. Tune in today to see the unexpected twists and turns as Dr. Phil’s investigation turns international!

Watch part 1 here.

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Thursday November 19, 2020


“Dr. Phil” International Investigation: What Will Anna Decide?

For the past two days, Dr. Phil has been conducting an international investigation into Anna’s alleged online boyfriend, “Sammie Lee Strong”. On Wednesday, Dr. Phil found the man behind the photos of “Sammie Lee Strong,” and discovered he was neither critically ill nor in Nigeria. Today, Anna meets a woman who is a catfish victim herself, who explains to Anna that she has two choices: walk away now or lose everything she has. And, Dr. Phil has a surprise for that woman. What does Anna think? Plus, an update from a past guest and fan favorite who can relate to this situation all too well. Tune in today for Anna’s part three conclusion.

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Friday November 20, 2020

After the 2020 Election: Families Divided

The contentious 2020 presidential election has shown that there’s a clear divide in America – half the country is celebrating, and the other half is not – making the upcoming holiday season especially tricky to navigate. Instead of being a time of joy, celebration and giving thanks, many families are faced with the dilemma of how not to argue with their own spouses, children and parents about politics. Dr. Phil meets a Republican father, who is barely speaking to his Democrat daughter after an argument they had over Donald Trump. Then, Dr. Phil meets another father, a lifelong Democrat, who says he raised his son to be a free thinker … but never imagined that he’d support Trump! The election is officially over, but the drama remains. What’s Dr. Phil’s advice on how to move forward post-election without turning holiday dinners with family into a war zone over politics? Tune in!

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