Monday January 4, 2021


Exclusive: 16 and Charged with Murder: Parents Claim She is the Victim

Zephaniah “Zephi” Trevino, a junior in high school, was a pitcher for her softball team. She had just made the drill team and was looking forward to singing in her church choir. But now, the 17-year-old is facing capital murder and aggravated robbery charges for a fatal robbery at a Texas apartment complex. Her parents, Crystal and Henry, claim their daughter was being sex trafficked by the man who pulled the trigger, Philip Baldenegro. Philip’s attorney, David Finn, denies that his client is a sex trafficker and claims Zephi and Philip were in a consensual boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, and that Zephi was the mastermind behind the robbery. In an exclusive interview, Dr. Phil sits down with the teen and her parents. Plus, Zephi’s attorney, Justin Moore, talks about the case.

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Tuesday January 5, 2021


“Save My Lazy Grandson Before I Make Him Homeless!”

Michelle says she is at her wits’ end with her 22-year-old grandson, Conner, who, according to her, isn’t just lazy but has “failed to launch.” Michelle claims Conner, who has lived with her for the last year, does not regularly shower, brush his teeth, shave, clean his room or change his clothes. He also has never met his girlfriend of five years in person because, according to Michelle, “that would involve having to leave the house.” Conner says Michelle is overreacting and that at 22, he “shouldn’t have life figured out.” He says he hasn’t yet met his girlfriend in person because of finances. Conner’s mother, Jamie, says she agrees Conner is lazy but believes her mother Michelle is making matters worse by being too strict on him. Dr. Phil arranges for Conner to have a one-on-one session with life development coach Mike Bayer to understand why Conner may be struggling to launch, and discusses his new book, One Decision. Will Conner accept the help offered to him? Tune in to find out!

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Wednesday January 6, 2021


“Help! Do I Choose My Fiancé or My Son?!”

Stephani says she’s being put between the ultimate rock and a hard place by her fiancé, Buck. Stephani says Buck will no longer allow her 16-year-old son, Steven, to live in their home because he believes Steven is disrespectful, angry and a “horrible influence” on their four other children. Buck says Steven has “ripped the family in half,” and he simply cannot allow him to live in his home ever since he waved a handgun in his siblings’ faces! Since Buck won’t allow Steven back in the house, Stephani says she’s 100% ready to move to Florida, where Steven is currently living with her 23-year-old half-brother, James. But if she does, Buck says the wedding would be off! Can Dr. Phil help Stephani make what she calls an “impossible choice”? Find out!

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Thursday January 7, 2021


New Year ... New You

It is finally a new year … and Dr. Phil kick starts 2021 by giving advice to guests who say they’re ready for some major changes but need help getting motivated. Danielle says she hopes to lose her 2020 weight gain in 2021, but says it’s difficult to get off of her couch and start exercising – especially now that she is working remotely from home due to COVID-19 restrictions. Bob says his 17-year-old son, Chaz, thinks creating prank videos for social media is his answer to finding fame and fortune. Chaz claims people love his videos and says he needs to focus on this as his creative outlet instead of going to college in the fall. Bob asks Dr. Phil to convince his son otherwise. Finally, Nataliya, a divorced mom, asks Dr. Phil how she can find love in 2021. Life development coach and New York Times bestselling author, Mike Bayer, gives advice to each guest, along with Dr. Phil, and discusses his new book, One Decision.

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Friday January 8, 2021


Classic "Dr. Phil": Roles in Marriage

Dr. Phil looks at the roles of married couples. You may think her job looks easy, and she may think you don’t do a thing all day! Dr. Phil puts his marriage to the test by switching daily routines with his wife, Robin. Can they handle the daily grind of each other’s lives? It’s not as easy as it looks to walk in your spouse’s shoes. You may even walk away from today’s episode with a little better perspective.

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