Monday January 18, 2021


“My Hoarder Father Refuses to Clean Out Our Junk Filled, Bug Infested Home!”

Laurie says her dad, John, is in “total denial” about being an absolutely terrible hoarder. She says every room in the house is piled to the ceiling with “junk,” including the garage, where she claims she once found a “mummified kitten!” To top it off, Laurie claims the downstairs has a horrible bed bug infestation! John says his daughter is just as big of a mess as he is, has destroyed her room, and absolutely refuses to help him clear out the mess. But the junk-filled house is only the surface level of the toxicity in this home. Laurie’s ex-fiancé, Billy, also lives in the house! Laurie claims Billy is constantly getting “blackout drunk” and getting in fights with her and her father. Can Dr. Phil get to the root of the dysfunction in this home and start to clean up this mess? Find out!

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Tuesday January 19, 2021


"17, Violent and Headed to a Group Home"

Tanya claims her 17-year-old son has explosive anger, is out-of-control and addicted to video games – and says within the past 10 days alone, she’s called the police three times in fear of her safety. Tanya says, worst of all, her son’s violent outbursts have rubbed off on his 8-year-old brother, who is now mimicking his behavior. Tanya says she has tried everything to intervene but feels like a prisoner in her own home. On the flip side, Tanya’s son says his mom is overbearing – and even her voice is triggering. He says the only problem is when he gets angry, he blacks out and can’t control his outbursts … until it’s too late. Tanya says she wants Dr. Phil’s advice before she’s forced to do the unthinkable: send her son away for good to a group home. Where do these two go from here? Find out today.

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Wednesday January 20, 2021

“Mom Made Our Lives a Living Hell”

Katrina wrote in for help because she claims her mom, Monica, is a liar and manipulative, has an explosive temper, can’t function as an adult, and is almost homeless. She claims she’s had to become the parent to her younger siblings, who are constantly being put in adult situations. She and her younger siblings, Laron and Adrianna, say Dr. Phil is the family’s last hope to get their mom to start acting like a mom again before they cut her out of their lives for good. Monica says she’s ready to lay everything on the table. Is she really ready to get real? Find out!

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Thursday January 21, 2021


“My Family is Sabotaging My Life and My Inheritance”

Natalie claims her inheritance has been completely sabotaged by her sister, Pascale, and mother, Mimi! She says they both claim she became “aggressive” with their family friend, Harry, who she was the live-in caretaker for. Natalie says she was wrongfully arrested and charged for crimes of elder abuse, and her mom and sister are the ones to blame. Natalie says she has since been kicked out of Harry’s home and been served a restraining order against him, and feels like everyone is treating her as if she’s a “murderer”! Pascale, Mimi and Harry all tell a different story. Who is really to blame?

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Friday January 22, 2021


Classic “Dr. Phil”: Addicted To

Addiction, a disastrous condition that takes on forms other than drugs and alcohol. Meet a self-professed “workaholic,” a "food-a-holic,” and a “shop-a-holic.” Listen up as Dr. Phil gets to the real reasons behind his guests’ addictive behaviors. As Dr. Phil puts it, “Addiction serves a purpose.” Witness their dramatic revelations when the issues driving their compulsive behaviors are uncovered, and learn what it will take to get their habits under control.

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