Monday February 15, 2021


“My Daughter Needs to Leave Her Horrible Fiancé!”

Anna Lisa claims her daughter, Amanda’s, fiancé, Alexis, abuses Amanda, encourages her to use drugs, and has even cheated on her repeatedly while pregnant, all of which Alexis denies. Recently, DFPS removed Amanda and Alexis’ children and placed them with Anna Lisa on the grounds of “neglectful supervision.” But Amanda swears Alexis has never abused her and that she and Alexis are wonderful parents. Alexis says he believes the only reason the children were taken is because Anna Lisa hates him and possibly conspired with DFPS. Anna Lisa says she’s going to hold on to her grandchildren for dear life until Amanda finally breaks up with Alexis for good. Can Dr. Phil convince these young parents to step up for their children?

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Tuesday February 16, 2021


Accusations of Drugs, Abuse and Child Neglect: Will Amanda and Alexis Stay Together?

In the conclusion to yesterday’s episode, Anna Lisa insists her daughter will never regain custody of her children as long as she remains engaged to her fiancé, Alexis. Anna Lisa accuses Alexis of abusing her daughter, cheating on her, and being completely unable to provide a stable home for her daughter and their two children. Alexis denies all the accusations and accuses Anna Lisa of purposely trying to sabotage his relationship and family.

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Wednesday February 17, 2021


Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz Fight Fraudsters!

Dr. Phil teams up for the first time with bestselling author, heart surgeon and Emmy Award-winning host of The Doctor Oz Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz, to take on and fight internet fraudsters who have stolen their names and likenesses to endorse CBD products. Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz work to get the word out that they have never endorsed or sold any CBD products. Both doctors talk with Dr. Pedram Salimpour, at a Los Angeles laboratory, who shares test results of samples of some of these products. As part of their joint investigation, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz also interview William Teller, an actor hired to appear in an ad for one CBD company – and you won’t believe what they learn! Internet Scam Investigator Chris Durst discusses how she helped to locate William Teller. They also talk to two viewers who say they were scammed by fake endorsements ... and one of them wants to tell Dr. Phil why she blamed him! Retired FBI agent and cybercrime expert Scott Augenbaum offers advice to avoid scams and action tips for scam victims. Finally, meet Alex, who thought she got a new job but actually fell victim to an employment scam.

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Thursday February 18, 2021


"My Violent Teen’s Meltdown"

Mothers and their teenage daughters are rife for conflict under normal circumstances, but what happens when one party turns violent? Victoria wrote to Dr. Phil after she says her 18-year-old daughter, Jessica, physically attacked her on multiple occasions, leaving a gash in her head from a cellphone and her house damaged, as well as her body bruised after a Thanksgiving day family throw down. Victoria says she’s tried everything she can to help Jessica and she’s afraid her daughter is going to end up homeless, in jail, or dead without Dr. Phil’s help.

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Friday February 19, 2021


Playing Cop … Or Just Doing His Job?

Jeremy owns his own funeral escort company but says he’s being falsely accused of impersonating a police officer, and if convicted, could face up to 85 years in prison. Jeremy says videos from his funeral processions have been leaked online, received millions of views, and as a result, he is being victimized in his community and misrepresented in the media – and now, he and his attorney want to set the record straight. Dr. Phil meets Jeremy and takes a closer look into components of his business, including his motorcycle, uniform and badge. Is Jeremy “playing cop” or just doing his job? And, what’s on Jeremy’s duty belt? You won’t want to miss part one of this two-part show.

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