Monday February 22, 2021


Polygraph Results Revealed: Is Jeremy Telling the Truth?

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Jeremy, a funeral escort, who is being accused of impersonating a police officer, and if convicted, could face up to 85 years in prison. Jeremy says videos from his funeral processions have been edited and leaked online, and as a result, he is being defamed and bullied in the media. But, Jeremy says the world has it all wrong and wants to clear his name. Today, Dr. Phil meets a funeral director who has worked with Jeremy for seven years, as well as someone who’s been following his story from afar. What do they have to say? Plus, to help prove his intention is not to impersonate a police officer, Jeremy requested a polygraph test. What does the test reveal? Tune in to find out.

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Tuesday February 23, 2021


Aspiring MMA Fighter: Social Media Obsessed or Victim?

Trap says his dream is to become an MMA fighter and that social media helps with pursuing his career. However, he says internet trolls have gotten so out of control that he has been kicked out of gyms and restaurants and lost trainers because of it. Trap’s ex-trainer, Phil, says Trap brings on the negativity himself and is more focused on living in a fantasy world on social media than in reality. Trap’s wife, Ashley, says the negative attention he is getting is causing harm, and that their children are being threatened. Is Trap really the victim of social media trolling, or is he in denial about what’s really going on? Trap says he wants Dr. Phil to help him get to the bottom of it.

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Wednesday February 24, 2021


“My Wife is Punishing Me for An Affair I Swear Never Happened”

Ronnie says his wife of 14 years, Kim, is punishing him for an affair he swears he did not commit. Ronnie claims Kim’s unwarranted revengeful behavior even forced him to file for a protection order after Kim vandalized his deceased mother’s home. Despite Ronnie’s denial, Kim insists she has “irrefutable proof” that Ronnie has indeed been unfaithful. Ronnie claims Kim is obsessed with proving he’s cheating, so much so, that she tracks his car and phone, and even keeps a notebook where she records his car’s mileage. Plus, Dr. Phil talks to Kim’s two stepdaughters who say they feel Kim’s behavior toward their father and them has destroyed their relationship with her.

See what happens on part 2, "Ronnie’s Flirting, Kim’s Jealousy: Can This Marriage Be Saved?"

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Thursday February 25, 2021


Ronnie’s Flirting, Kim’s Jealousy: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Ronnie and his wife, Kim, who is adamant that Ronnie has been unfaithful, despite Ronnie's denials. Today, Dr. Phil examines some of the “irrefutable evidence” Kim claims proves that Ronnie has cheated. Plus, Kim says since she uncovered Ronnie’s alleged affair, he has been punishing her and she provided what she claims is video proof. Find out what happens when Dr. Phil questions Ronnie about a video of him slicing and cutting up his own bed. Can this marriage be saved? Find out why Dr. Phil suggests that Ronnie and Kim should call it quits.

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Friday February 26, 2021


Dr. Phil Down Under: “Poisoned in Our Own Home?”

Did you know Dr. Phil is the #1 daytime talk show in Australia – and currently airs in 55 countries and territories? Today, sisters Amy and Emily, from New South Wales, Australia, say that even though Dr. Phil is over 7,000 miles away – and on a different continent – he is the only person who can help their situation! Amy and Emily say their mom, Marie, and her partner, Gordon, are taking extreme measures to combat alleged poisoning by a neighbor – including daily diary entries, surveillance cameras, and even sleeping outside. Marie says since 2017, her life has turned upside down – she claims her house is engulfed with toxic fumes and is completely unlivable. The worst part of all? Her daughters don’t believe her. What is the source behind the alleged toxic conditions inside Marie’s house? And, why are Dr. Phil and Robin inside a tent? Find out on a Dr. Phil first – when Dr. Phil takes a virtual trip down under!

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