Monday March 22, 2021


"My Violent Teen’s Meltdown"

Mothers and their teenage daughters are rife for conflict under normal circumstances, but what happens when one party turns violent? Victoria wrote to Dr. Phil after she says her 18-year-old daughter, Jessica, physically attacked her on multiple occasions, leaving a gash in her head from a cellphone and her house damaged, as well as her body bruised after a Thanksgiving day family throw down. Victoria says she’s tried everything she can to help Jessica and she’s afraid her daughter is going to end up homeless, in jail, or dead without Dr. Phil’s help.

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Tuesday March 23, 2021

Wednesday March 24, 2021


Exclusive: Texas Police Chief Leading Secret Triple Life Speaks

He seemed like the perfect boyfriend, handsome and the well-respected police chief of a Texas town. But the multiple women he was dating soon discovered that Jason Collier was every woman’s worst nightmare: a married man lying to not only his wife but also to his multiple girlfriends. In part two of Dr. Phil’s exclusive interview, Collier answers accusations made by the woman who outed what she called his “triple” life.

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Thursday March 25, 2021


Life After “Death”: Lethal Surgeon Sentenced to Prison

Dr. Christopher Duntsch has been nicknamed “Dr. Death” and is the first known surgeon sentenced to life in prison due to gross malpractice. From 2011 – 2013, Dr. Duntsch reportedly maimed 33 patients, with two of them later dying after surgery, while working at hospitals in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. In 2015, Duntsch was indicted on five counts of aggravated assault and one count of harming an elderly person, and in 2017, he was sentenced to life in prison. In 2021, two additional patients passed away due to complications from his surgeries – including Duntsch’s childhood friend Jerry Summers. Dr. Phil speaks with individuals directly impacted by Dr. Duntsch, including a surviving victim, medical professionals, and a woman who once viewed Dr. Duntsch as her “second son.” Dr. Phil is also joined by former FBI criminal profiler Candice DeLong to discuss Duntsch’s personal characteristics, and Dr. Terry Dubrow, who advises viewers on red flags to watch out for so something so horrific can never happen again.

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Friday March 26, 2021


Classic “Dr. Phil”: “Dr. Phil, You’re Our Last Hope; Amazing Stories of Recovery”

Dr. Phil is addressing what he feels is a red alert crisis in America: drug and alcohol addiction, which affects 28 million addicts. During his first 16 seasons, Dr. Phil helped nearly 500 guests by referring them to inpatient treatment for substance abuse. Now, he updates some of their amazing recovery stories in hopes that they might inspire others who are struggling with addiction. Find out what happened to three sisters, Valeen, Amanda, and Tiffany, who were not only dangerously addicted to heroin, but also using it together every day. And what happened to Niki, who appeared on the show addicted, homeless, and pregnant? Niki returns to give her shocking update. Bethany said not even a medically induced coma and open heart surgery could get her to stop her dangerous heroin addiction -- find out how she’s doing now. Plus, numerous past guests and their families return to the Dr. Phil stage to share their amazing stories of recovery.

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