Monday March 29, 2021


“Help! My Brother Would Rather Be Homeless Than Get a Job”

Mia and Kiki say their 30-year-old brother, Forrest, lives in their deceased grandma’s house in a room they call “the cave.” They say he lives in filth, won’t leave the house, is jobless and won’t pay his bills. Mia and Kiki say their mother, Lesli, enables Forrest’s behavior by bringing him food and money. Forrest says his family doesn’t understand how hard it is for him due to his mental disorder, fear of getting sick, and rough childhood with his mom. He also claims he would rather be homeless than get his life together. The family says they’re worried if Forrest continues to be lazy and unmotivated that he will end up on the streets.

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Tuesday March 30, 2021


Beautiful, Rebellious and Always Running Away

Jennifer says her 15-year-old daughter, Marie, is completely out of control, refuses to go to school, and is constantly running away. She says, at one point, her daughter was so disrespectful that she had to send her to live with her grandmother, Vicki, because she was too much for her to handle. Jennifer says she recently lost her job of four years because she was constantly having to keep an eye on Marie. Jennifer says she fears Marie’s actions will lead to her living on the streets, jail, or even worse, dead. Jennifer’s oldest daughter, Carly, says she’s distraught over Marie’s attitude and how it affects their mother. She says Jennifer cries daily and her stress levels are through the roof. Is Marie just a “bad teen,” or is she crying out through rebellion for attention?

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Wednesday March 31, 2021


Will He Remarry His Russian Bride?

The last time we met Mark Anthony and his Russian bride-to-be, Marina, they were counting down the days until their May 25, 2020 wedding, but the pandemic hit, and their plans changed. Marina was stuck in Russia, and Mark Anthony was stuck in the states, so they had a virtual wedding. But six days later, something happened that broke them up. Now, Mark Anthony wants to get back together with Marina and walk down that aisle again -- but will Marina want the same? And, does Dr. Phil think this is a match made in heaven?

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Thursday April 1, 2021


“My Brother is Delusional and Believes in Conspiracy Theories”

Stephanie claims her brother Brandon's conspiracy theories have taken over his life and are tearing their family apart. She says he believes people are after him and that the “elite people” control everything. She also says he talks in riddles and barely leaves his home. Stephanie claims his split from reality is making him think their mother, Rozanna, is out to destroy him. Rozanna says she’s become Brandon’s whipping post – so why does she say she paid six months of his past electric bills. Both women say 10 years ago, Brandon was charming, charismatic, and successful, making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a real estate broker. Will Dr. Phil be able to help Brandon at this point?

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Friday April 2, 2021

Dr. Phil’s 3,000th Show -- With Bonus Footage!

After 17 seasons and nearly 20,000 guests, Dr. Phil celebrates his 3,000th episode! Dr. Phil’s studio audience is filled with some of your favorite guests from past seasons. From relationships on the brink of divorce to guests struggling with deadly addictions and disorders, find out how some of Dr. Phil’s most memorable guests are now. And, you will not believe which former guest surprised everyone with an engagement ring and proposal on Dr. Phil’s stage! Surprise guest messages from Oprah Winfrey, the Jonas Brothers, and more -- hear what they have to say about Dr. Phil’s 3,000th milestone. Plus, find out the surprise that left Dr. Phil nearly speechless!