Monday April 12, 2021


Vanished: Where is Maya?

The mystery deepens in the case of beautiful missing mom Maya Millete, who vanished from her home in California. Maya’s sister and brother-in-law claim she was in a volatile marriage and just days away from meeting with a divorce attorney when she disappeared. They also claim her husband, Larry, isn’t helping them search for her. Plus, a family friend describes his visit inside the home. He claims he saw fans blowing and the windows open, as if the place was being aired out. He also claims he noticed what looked like a freshly repaired hole in the couple’s bedroom door. Her family says her children are asking, “Where is mommy?” Where is missing Maya?

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Tuesday April 13, 2021


“Help! Our Home is One Big Storage Unit!”

Jodee says her husband, Charlie, has a hoarding problem. Charlie says he doesn’t like that word; he says he’s a collector with nine kayaks, nine backpacks, 10 bikes, 40 guitars, 60 soccer balls, 100 soccer jerseys, 100-plus fishing rods, a wall of amplifiers, drum sets, camping gear and more! Jodee says she feels like she’s living in one big junk-filled storage unit. Charlie says he doesn't call it junk because it’s all good stuff. Jodee says now her husband’s obsessive “collections” have spread past their 2,400 sq. ft. house and into the garage, two sheds, two vans, three cars, and an RV -- and she's had enough! To add to Jodee’s stress with Charlie’s 12-year clutter problem, she says she inherited her mother’s house and all its belongings when she passed away five months ago, and with escrow closing at the end of next month, she says she’s stressed out with all the clutter that surrounds her. Find out what Robin has planned for this family.

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Wednesday April 14, 2021


“I’m Afraid My Phobia and OCD Will Ruin My Wedding!”

Jamie says for 17 years, she has dealt with OCD and the fear of throwing up. She says she is fearful to leave the house and feels safest in her bed. Jamie says she can’t hold down a job because her fear of throwing up takes over her life. She says it gets so bad that she will get panic attacks where she will twitch and pull her hair three-to-four times a day. Her fiancé, Brent, says her phobia has caused tension in their relationship and hopes she can walk down the aisle on their wedding day. Jamie’s parents, Kristi and Jerry, say their daughter’s anxiety developed during her childhood.

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Thursday April 15, 2021


“Threatened By My Second Grader”

Faren says her 7-year-old son, Michael’s, all-day tantrums have become the main event in her home. She says Michael is aggressive, violent, and loud, and she can’t take it anymore. She says he screams, kicks, and punches people, pets, and even himself. Faren and her boyfriend, Ricky, say they spend all day trying to control Michael, and nothing calms the boy down. Michael’s father, Steven, claims his son is well-behaved at his home, and it’s Faren that antagonizes their child. Faren’s stepmom, Valinda, says her grandson needs attention from his mom, and since Ricky and a new child have moved into Faren’s house, Michael is having a challenging time getting enough attention. Is there hope for Michael?

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Friday April 16, 2021


“I’m Addicted to Vaping!”

Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes, but is vaping safer or less addictive? First, Dr. Phil sits down with Carissa, who says she turned to vaping to quit her cigarette addiction and vapes “practically nonstop.” Carissa’s daughter, Alexa, says she’s concerned about her mother’s vaping, but claims Carissa doesn’t want to believe that it could be potentially dangerous. Then, Dr. Phil meets 20-year-old Damion, who says he’s certain he’s going to be the next big social media influencer and R&B star. However, Damion’s parents say he’s “lazy,” “entitled,” and spends practically all his time in his room vaping! Are Damion’s dreams destined to go up in smoke? Find out!

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